Not quite cricket?

Apparently NY Yankees & Boston Red Sox to play will play the first two MLB games in London, England next year.   Oh, good, if ever two teams needed the extra exposure….

New reports that in police report of Johnny Manziel’s arrest, Dallas cops said Manziel’s ex-girlfriend “felt like she was going to die or get beaten really bad.” And Johnny will still probably have a job offer before Colin Kaepernick.

David Fizdale signed four-year deal to coach NY Knicks. So what’s over-under on how many years he actually WILL coach Knicks? 2 1/2, 2, 1…?

Can we retire basketball phrase “Two-possession game?” I know Americans are bad at math. But do we really need reminder that many of us can’t count past 3?

So did the Raptors not rest players enough during the NBA regular season or have they just caught  Maple Leafs playoff disease?

A Modesto, CA man received only minor injuries when he was crossing tracks in front of a slow moving train, and was hit and dragged.  He said he was talking to someone and didn’t hear  the train, also that it was the 2nd time he’d been hit and survived.

Is there such a thing as an honorary Darwin award?

To be fair, when he mentioned coming up with Michelle Wolf jokes, Dennis Miller didn’t say WHICH Wednesday.


At least one person shot at Opry Mills in Nashville. Police say shooting was result of a “dispute” at the mall. If only other shoppers were armed… #Murica

Guiliani says Trump doesn’t have time to “prepare” for a Mueller interview.  Leaving aside the idea of briefing sessions on the golf course, how much time does it take to prepare to tell the truth?

So there was no affair, and Stormy Daniels was making “false and extortionist accusations” and Cohen paid her anyway. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

Trump claiming people saying “Merry Christmas” & “one nation under God” a lot more thanks to him. Actually, to be fair, with Trump in White House, a lot more people probably ARE praying. #NationalDayOfPrayer

As we read about raid on Dr. Bornstein’s office, might be good day to remember that OJ Simpson finally went to prison for stealing his own memorabilia back.

So can we start the pool on what day Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenetti will release the tapes.

Melania Trump’s parents are apparently trying to become US citizens. I missed the @realDonaldTrump tweet railing against chain migration.


Now it appears Scott Pruitt reimbursed himself $65,000 for unknown expenses from his Oklahoma attorney general campaign. He’s only 49 years old, are we SURE Pruitt isn’t Trump’s illegitimate son?

How mad is Trump that Michael  Avenatti isn’t HIS lawyer?

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