Winning colors?

A woman at a Texas racetrack made a  $18 “Pick 5” bet on a series of Kentucky Derby Day races, and won $1.2 million. Let me guess, she picked the horses for their colors?

Who says I never say anything nice about LA Dodgers. Want to seriously thank them on behalf of SF Giants  fans for letting reliever Tony Watson go.


Thinking not even Pete Rose would have bet on an expansion NHL team reaching the Western Conference Finals. #GoldenKnights

Las Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lightning should both do well with playoff ticket sales.   As we get into mid May guessing people in both cities will pay well for a chance to spend 2 hours inside out of 90 plus degree weather.

Understand why MLB stops beer sales after the 7th inning.  But when games head into 14th inning, shouldn’t the league allow stadiums to sell just one more?  Or at least an Irish coffee?

Add A-Rod to the list of athletes who is far more engaging in the broadcast booth than he ever was on the field. #SundayNightBaseball#MondayMorningBaseball.

Nikki Haley says Mueller probe should not be shut down. Is she auditioning to be Kasich’s running mate in 2020?

Just a reminder to the media. “Self-contradictory,” “questionable” “backtracking”. “misstatements…” It’s shorter and more accurate to use the word “lies.”


Just wondering, when child of a Trump supporter lies to his or her parents, do they give him a pass too? Especially if child says it was “necessary.”

Trump will never admit he is wrong. Bet the man doesn’t even say ‘Excuse me” when he sneezes.”

Guiliani, asked if Cohen paid more women for Trump to keep them quiet – “I have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes.”
Time to start a pool on how MANY women he paid?

The real question now – will Rudy Giuliani break @Scaramucci’s 10-day record?

So how long until Stormy Daniels runs for office? She’s smart, articulate, and unlike many politicians at least provides value when she screws people.

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