Extra voltage

Matt Harvey says the Mets will “shock a lot of people” this season. Is there an electrical  wiring issue at Citifield we don’t know about?”

Miami Marlins – 300 to 1 to win the World Series.  “So you are saying there’s a chance…?”

But hey, if the Yankees win the WS with Stanton do the Marlins get a playoff share?

So was last night’s OT between Kansas and Duke the highest rated in NCAA history? #SixtyMinutes 


For years Facebook has been saying “Help keep your account safe, please provide your phone number.”. Now feeling extra glad my response was NFW.

Police now say the Maryland high school shooter fatally shot himself in the head. So this time it was a bad guy with a gun stopping himself with the gun.

So many Americans love to hate Grayson Allen & Duke; really would have been fun to have #MarchMadness final between Sister Jean’s Ramblers & Blue Devils. #GoodvsEvil


As badly behaved as Bill Clinton could be remember he also had many friends including women who stuck up for him. With @realDonaldTrump – crickets.

Maybe @realDonaldTrump should have thought about getting into a battle with a professional who screws other people for a living. #StormyDaniels

Waiting for someone in GOP to claim that Trump’s affair problems are all a result of US legalization of gay marriage.


RIP #LindaBrown. No doubt given stats on voting & education GOP would prefer to overturn Brown v. Board of Education right after they take care of Roe v. Wade.

Not that Facebook hasn’t apparently done some scuzzy stuff, some really scuzzy stuff.   But who really thought they had any kind of privacy with what they posted?




I’m a luddite, but if only there were a generation of people really good at social media… Might be tempted to advise them to make fake Facebook posts referencing illegal acquaintances to send ICE on bigliest wild goose chases ever….

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One Comment on “Extra voltage”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Stormy says she spanked Donny, (after he dropped his pants), with a copy of Time Mag that had his pic on the front cover. So while all this spanking was going on, did she repeatedly call him a “Bad Hombre”???

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