Oh, sh*t….

The final spring training game  between  the Angels and Dodgers ended in the fifth inning because of a foul-smelling sewage leak onto the field.  Some punchlines just write themselves.


KC catcher Salvador Perez will be out at least a month after reportedly spraining his MCL carrying a suitcase up stairs at his house. Was Perez returning from washing his truck?

LiAngelo Ball is declaring himself for the 2018 NBA draft. And who wouldn’t want a middling talent with a shoplifting record AND an interfering dad from hell? #WTF?

Yes, we know corporate America can be pigs. But when TransUnion only gets your email because email because of a data breach…and then they try to sell you something….. Bigliest pigs.

So if 2020 #Census can ask if you’re a citizen, can it also ask if you own a gun?

Reports that Israeli PM Nethanyahu rushed to hospital with “a very high fever.” Hope he hasn’t had tea with any Russians lately.

In recent CNN poll had 21% believe Trump’s denials of affairs. But guessing that 21% believe every woman who accused Bill Clinton

Congrats to all those who had David Shulkin in Trump firing bingo!

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer “We don’t have a dress.” So time to open the pool on what they DO have?

Has someone told @realDonaldTrump this is not Presidential Apprentice – you don’t need to fire someone EVERY week?

When Trump finally decides he wants a younger wife will he tell Melania he is divorcing her by tweet?

So since Ronny Jackson can say with a straight face that Trump weighs 239 pounds I am sure he will declare all the VA problems over by April.

For all that Trump and GOP love to claim that Democrats are going to take everyone’s guns, Obama didn’t, even in the short time he had a Democratic congress. It’s gun CONTROL, folks.

Oklahoma Senate decided to hike some taxes to raise salaries for teachers, who were about to go on strike because they are some of lowest paid in US. Maybe they didn’t like the idea of angry teachers bearing arms?

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2 Comments on “Oh, sh*t….”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    POTUS now talks to Blowsanne more than Melania? So what’s on the Easter agenda? He goes back alone to “Mar-a-Leggo of my Genitalia” and Wifey & Barron go back to WH???

    My boys are now 35 & 32 and I’ve been taking them golfing since they were 6 years old. I’ll bet Don the Con has NEVER taken any of his kiddies from Eric, DonJr, Ivanka, Tiffany and Barron even to a Driving Range. {Of course that’s where he can schmooze with the “hotties” there}

    *Note – the Drumph boys just wanna go and shoot innocent defenseless harmless wild animals with assault type weapons.

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