The time’s they are a changin’

Robert Kraft used his team’s private jet to fly the Parkland survivors and their families to #MarchForOurLives.   Now on top of everything else I have to say something nice about the Patriots?

But well played New England, well played.

Grayson Allen’s shot rimmed out and kept Duke from heading to San Antonio for the Final Four. Why do I think Gregg Popovich will make sure there’s not much chance Allen will be heading to San Antonio next year to play for the Spurs?

#Michigan over #FSU 58 to 54. Many casual fans are thinking “I didn’t know bowl games were played in March.”

Patriots safety Duron Harmon arrested Costa Rica Friday for trying to bring marijuana into the country, along with THC candy and marijuana oil.. Uh, Harmon couldn’t have just gone to Jamaica? #cantfixstupid

Expecting teenagers to seriously change the political dynamic in USA is like expecting Loyola-Chicago & Michigan to end up in Final Four. #MarchMadness#MarchforourLives


Difference between Donald Trump and his porn star lover – at least when Stormy Daniels screws people she gives them value for their money.

That moment when a porn star has the moral high ground over the President of the United States. #StormyDaniels

Apparently when @realDonaldTrump returns to DC, Melania will stay at Mar-A-Lago through Spring Break. Assume she’s trying to figure how to say Spring Break lasts until the 1st day of summer.


If you say that @realDonaldTrump’s cheating is a non-issue between him & Melania then I sure as hell hope you didn’t condemn @HillaryClinton for staying in her marriage.

Rick Santorum said students should learn CPR instead of protesting against gun violence. Again showing the intelligence & sensitivity that caused him to lose his Senate seat by 18 points.

No wonder @realDonaldTrump left town this weekend. Since he’s still sensitive about his inaugural, it would have upset him to see what a real DC crowd looked like. #MarchForOurLives

WTF is this crap that liberals & “the left” are “using” these young people? This is THEIR #MarchForOurLives Many of us grownups are just watching in awe.


John Kasich today on #MarchForOurLives “people should be held absolutely accountable at the ballot box.” So where’s pool for date Ohio Gov. announces he’s primarying Trump?

Only 46.1% of eligible voters under 30 voted in the 2016 election.#MarchForOurLives #MarchToThePolls

Neil Young on Trump “He has no balls. He hasn’t got one ball. All the bravado, all the you’re fired, you’re fired, all that s—, he doesn’t have the balls to look anybody in the face & tell them anything.” “Neil Young overrated” tweet in 3.2.1?

Finally… last but not least… “No one would know your names” if your classmates hadn’t died…. We wouldn’t know the names of many heroes if not for tragedies. Tragedies often create heroes. And the NRA can go f*ck themselves.

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5 Comments on “The time’s they are a changin’”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    So Donny tells his “side action” that they remind him of his daughter Ivanka? Sicko!

    OMG, I hope he doesn’t call out her name!!!!

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    Listening to the 60’s on 6, on SiriusXM, and a listener called in to hear “Stormy” by the Classics IV.

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