Age is just sort of a number.

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft said it’s Tom Brady’s decision as to when he retires. Of course if his performance slips New England reserves the right someday to influence that date by trading Brady to the Browns.

As we approach February,  NBA fans can rejoice, only about 2 months left in the pre-season.


So if all these sites think the Isaiah Canaan injury is too graphic to watch, why do they keep showing it?

Whoever thought Michigan State might someday make Penn State look less bad by comparison? #Nassar #Sandusky

In California, coffee may soon carry warnings as a “cancer risk.” But what about warnings for those who might be murdered if their family & co-workers don’t drink it?

Marriott executive at recent travel conference. There are only two countries with a decreasing number of international travelers – one is USA, the other is Turkey. Are we greater yet?

So if we end chain migration will Trump send Melania’s parents and sister back to Slovenia? Asking for a country.

So how many more Benghazi hearings will Trey Gowdy hold before he retires?

That moment when the Press Secretary who always looks like she’s smelling dog poop said “Nancy Pelosi should smile more.”

Last night Trump said the US was with Puerto Rico, today FEMA is halting new shipments of water and food to the island. So “with you” really means “thoughts and prayers?”


No real tweets from @realDonaldTrump in three days. Did someone tell him it was time to wash his smartphone?

Have to wonder with all these resignations, at what point does @realDonaldTrump run out of people who are willing to taint their careers by joining his administration?

As Trump reportedly acts in ways that are increasingly king-like, interesting to remember that #SOTU was on 369th anniversary of Charles I of England rather abruptly being removed from that position.

Another reason to have grownups running the country: Hope Hicks is 28. Not that people get more honest as they get older, but they get smarter about lies and obstructing justice.

One of those “many fine people on both sides?” Tomi Lahren yesterday referred to Joe Kennedy as “little limp dick.”

(Must. Not. Make. Vulgar. But. Obvious. Punchline.)

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry said today she had an affair with a policeman in charge of her security. But to be honest, who cares what politicians do in their personal lives, as long as they don’t tell us what to do with ours.

I liked “l’etat c’est moi” when it was just French History.


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