Changing shirts?


American Express partnering with NBA for “Jersey Assurance” program.  If your favorite player is traded or leaves his team you can change his jersey. Guessing this won’t happen with MLB.   The Oakland As alone could bankrupt program.

Eagles QB Nick Foles said he considered becoming a pastor in offseason. But Foles still wouldn’t have been able to top Saints safety Marcus Williams in getting millions on their feet screaming “Jesus Christ.”

MLB says all 30 teams will extend protective netting to “at least the far ends of both dugouts by opening day. So future generations of kids won’t be able to score foul balls (or get autographs)  because this generation pays less attention to game and more to their phones.


Trump has declined the traditional President’s pre-Super Bowl interview. Because it would interfere with his golf game?


Here’s an idea. if since Trump won’t do a Super Bowl interview NBC could ask Obama if he’s free to fill in?

Trump complaining Democrats doing nothing for #Dreamers with approaching March 5 deadline is like an arsonist starting a fire & saying firefighters won’t make the deal he wants with him.

Reports that White House officials worry FBI director Christopher Wray will quit if Nunes memo is released. Worry that he will, or that he won’t?

Trump tells GOP Orrin Hatch told him he’s the greatest president in the history of our country,” including “Lincoln and Washington.” Didn’t realize Hatch was retiring due to diagnosis of dementia.

As Trump attacks FBI director, remember, Christopher Wray was appointed as Asst. Attorney General at DOJ by George W. Bush & was Chris Christie’s personal lawyer. Not exactly a liberal.

Apparently opioid addicts are now using large doses of over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medication for cheap highs. Wow, to be that desperate how shitty do you have to feel? #bustohell

Let’s be real: If FBI, CIA & DOJ really had been all working together against Trump, then GOP would be calling for impeachment of President Hillary Clinton.

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