State of the onion?

Even liberal Golden State Warriors fans in San Francisco area now wishing they had watched something more enjoyable like Trump’s State of the Union. #Utah


Trying to trade for #AlexSmith during State of the Union speech but then f*cking it up so that #Chiefs trade Smith to the #Redskins is so #Browns.

MLB is going to try putting runners on 2nd base at start of 11th inning during the All-Star Game. So are they trying to make the game as watchable as the Pro Bowl?

Hawaii fired the employee who triggered false ballistic missile alert, after he said he didn’t know it was a drill. He reportedly “had a history of confusing drill & real-world events.” So how long until he gets offered job at Fox or White House?

Blockbuster just closed its last Texas store. Shocking, Blockbuster still had ANY stores.

Former Mississippi Haley Barbour was caught w/ loaded handgun at airport security checkpoint today. When is TSA going to start profiling dangerous white men?

Getting bad when you see #NewportBeach trending & when you see awful story thinking “Oh, it’s “only” 3 dead in helicopter crash and not mass shooting.”

Wonder how many Americans will be hungover Wed. morning after playing drinking games during SOTU.

Trump talking about sparing parents pain. Can’t imagine losing a child. But guess what – parents hurt as much when children are killed by an American with a gun. #SOTU

(and as a friend pointed out, or when they are deported and separated from children.)

Has no one told @realDonaldTrump that “In God We Trust” doesn’t mean we all have to worship the same God. Or believe in one at all?

“Beautiful, clean, coal.” Nice triple oxymoron.


#WeChooseBoth has a nice ring to it for a 2018 and 2020 slogan.

So parents of murder victims killed by illegal immigrants get acknowledged at #SOTU. But if your child was killed by white man w/ a gun, well, “thoughts & prayers.”

Who had the more frozen poker-face tonight during State of the Union   #NancyPelosi or #Melania?

So wonder how much Trump is promising in an NDA to Melania?

Trump acknowledges heroism of Capitol Police without mentioning that Mike Pence would try gay conversion therapy on one of officers who saved Scalise’s life, and many in GOP don’t recognize her marriage. #SOTU

When did applauding yourself become Presidential? #SOTU

Americans before tonight. Not another member of a political dynasty.
Americans after tonight – humming Camelot
#JoeKennedy #SOTUResponse



Too soon to start a pool on what @realDonaldTrump’s insulting nickname for Joe Kennedy will be tomorrow?

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One Comment on “State of the onion?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Just noticed on the news: GOP lawmakers, Train Wreck and garbage truck were all in the same headline! So: Fake News, Fake Wreck or Fake Garbage? Or all of the above?

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