We know nothing?


USA Gymnastics directors have now resigned over Larry Nassar scandal. Uh, forget resignations, can we talk indictments? #complicit

But maybe all these former USA Gymnastics folks have dreams of getting hired at Penn State?  Or Michigan State?   #weknownothing.


Judge has turned down Jared Fogle’s request for early release from prison. Wonder if the former Subway pitchman was hoping to be hired by USA Gymnastics. #bustohell

Jaguars flagged for 6 penalties, 98 yards, including two PI’s that gave New England a TD, Patriots flagged for one 10 yard penalty. Waiting to see @NFL apologize, to Belichick for that one.


Austin Jackson has signed with SF Giants. Giants fans hoping that for at least one year you CAN trust anyone and everyone over 30.

Neil Diamond announces his retirement due to Parkinson’s disease. Sad. but have to wonder how many wish he had  just retired as past his sell by date?



So Monday  morning Megyn Kelly reminded us all that Trump disliking someone isn’t a good enough reason to like them.



Guessing there’s as good a chance of Mitch McConnell keeping his word as there is of Trump weighing 239 pounds.

So Mr. “Art of the Deal” did absolutely no deal making in DC this weekend. Though to be fair he was in mourning for missing his big anniversary party. @realDonaldTrump

Pence calls Stormy Daniels allegations “baseless.” But Daniels passed a polygraph. What about you, Mr. Vice President?


Russian spy ship, Viktor Leonov, spotted 100 miles off coast of North Carolina. Waiting for & to explain how it is Hillary or Obama’s fault.


for a nonpolitical nonsports note….. I end you with, Lucas the spider. Created by my nephew Joshua Slice, and voided by my grand-nephew Lucas.  Cute enough to avoid allegations of blog nepotism?


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2 Comments on “We know nothing?”

  1. Baseless. No No. He meant Braless.

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