Two Astros Double-A players suspended 80 & 100 games for failed PED tests. So is it mostly players trying to make it to “the Show” who cheat? Or do minor-leaguers just use cheaper more detectable drugs?


So-called rumors on Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio to go to “better” team,. Tonight Cavs would be the latest to say Spurs are just fine.

Despite controversies and bad calls this year, NFL is keeping Senior VP of officiating Al Riveron in 2018. Maybe because in the end, it’s about results — Patriots DID make it to Super Bowl.

Think there’s as much chance that no one at #UsaGymnastics knew about Larry Kassar as there is of @realdonaldtrump weighing 239 pounds.

Melania Trump apparently decided last minute not to go to Davos with her husband. Stormy weather?

Time to reset the mass shooting clock. And since shooter apparently American male… time for more GOP “thoughts and prayers.” #Kentucky

Of course it’s “too soon” to talk about gun control. But if the young man who shot his classmates were Muslim or an immigrant, you can bet Trump would be tweeting about travel bans and walls. #Kentucky


Not sure what’s sadder, 2 kids killed & 18 injured in latest school shooting. Or the fact that it’s already not top headline on the late-night news. #Kentucky

Top three beers in the US are now Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite. At While at the same time getting much less light are Americans.


Hope @realDonaldTrump has never sent any really sensitive text messages from or to a Samsung phone…. Not that a company would ever be vindictive.

Since @realDonaldTrump is so fond of nicknames, may I suggest #TheBossBaby?

Trump arrives in Davos on the morning of Jan 25. Time to open up a new round of Trump insult bingo.

So how did Donald  Trump get snubbed for an #Oscars nomination for makeup. He makes up facts regularly.

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