Patriot games.

Just a reminder, the “tuck rule” game where officials gave Patriots win over Raiders. was 16 yrs ago last Friday. The more things change….

In 49 states millions of Americans have just become new members of #NickFoles fan club. #FlyEaglesFly


The Jaguars were penalized six times for 98 yards in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game while the Patriots were penalized just once for 10 yards, which was a holding penalty on a kickoff.

And we wonder why people hate airlines. Virgin, United & British Airways have fares from SF to London for $543 rt. But those fares are technically listed at $14 roundtrip. $300.00 of it is a “carrier-imposed surcharge.”

Gobbedly gook travel agent fare information below –  yes, even the US tax, at 36.60 is higher than the so-called fare:
FARE USD 14.00 TAX 5.60AY TAX 36.60US TAX 3.96XA TAX 4.50XF TAX 7.00XY TAX 5.65YC TAX 103.90GB TAX 62.20UB TAX 300.00YQ TOT USD 543.41

Let’s not forget, #TrumpShutdown wouldn’t have happened if @realDonaldTrump hadn’t overturned #DACA just because it was Obama’s program. #Dreamers

Trump wants to invoke “Nuclear Option” to end shutdown. Tweeted like a man who never thinks there will be elections again. Or someone who just likes the idea of nukes..

“Every time we have a proposal it is only yanked back by staff members. As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we’re going nowhere.”
Another liberal politican? Nope @LindseyGrahamSC

So has #CadetBoneSpurs not thought of a derogatory nickname for Tammy Duckworth yet?

Personally, I love sports AND politics. But at least with politics when you watch injustice or bias in this country you can still VOTE.

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3 Comments on “Patriot games.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    During last night game between the Phillie”s and the Viking’s, did I hear Joe Buck try to make the point that Minnesota was trying to be the first team to play the Super bowl in their home stadium and that he said that the game was going to be played in Indianapolis?

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    The Vikings were so awful in the NFC Championship game, Alan Page just held them in contempt

  3. tc in bc Says:

    Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Billy) praised Trump as staunch defender of Christianity.
    The pastor said Trump “defends the Christian faith more than any president in my lifetime.”

    “Nobody lives The 9 Commandments and covfeve day in and day out like I do”. -(DJT Tweet to be coming very soon)

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