We hardly knew ye.

Duke now has top 3 @ESPN basketball recruits for 2018. They’ll be heading to Durham for some of the best months of their lives.

Kansas basketball freshman Billy Preston has signed with European team.  Preston hadn’t  actually even played yet for Jayhawks. He’d been suspended last fall after his single-car accident in a Lexus with questionable “financial picture.”

Is Billy the first ‘None and done?”

What time is the Saints game this Sunday. Oh. damn… never mind.

Since @FLOTUS is stuck in DC this weekend, wonder if she thought about sneaking out to join #WomensMarchDC?


OMB Director Mick Mulvaney “I found out for 1st time last night that the person who technically shuts the government down is me, which is kind of cool.” Can’t imagine how Trump administration gets reputation for being heartless bastards.

Thinking if your heritage isn’t Native American you have no right to think #TrumpShutdown is justified over immigration.

Trump tweets angrily about Dems not caring about military or veterans – but military and 96% of the VA isn’t furloughed. #governmentshutdown2018#AlternativeFacts

Haiti is an island, Africa is an ocean away. Immigrants from Trump’s so-called “shithole” countries come by plane or boat. Wall wouldn’t help. #TrumpShutdown

Schumer “Negotiating w/ Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O” So for next #TrumpShutdown cocktail may I nominate a Bitter Orange Jell-O shot?

Mueller probe apparently will continue during #TrumpShutdown. But if there are any $$$ problems guessing a Go Fund Me page could be arranged.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, accused of physically abusing his mistress, and blackmailing her with nude pictures.

“‘I’m very confident that God has a way of bringing good from difficulty. Yeah, God is pissed & she thinks you should quit.



Missouri Gov. #Greitens denies blackmail, doesn’t deny taking illicit pictures of his lover. Translation, he sent pictures & is afraid someone has copies.

reitens “‘I’m very confident that God has a way of bringing good from difficulty. Yeah, God is pissed & she thinks you should quit.

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