The kids were all right?

Class of Jacksonville kids sent folder of cards – “Dear Jags, Want to beat the Patriots? Here’s how …. Advice from your #1 fans in Bolles First Grade.”
Shame no New Orleans kids sent one to Saints – “At end of game, please just tackle players inbounds.”

Former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar wrote judge complaining that “listening to (victim) impact statements is detrimental to his mental health.” Well, heck, let’s play recordings of them into his prison cell.


#USAGymnastics to end relationship with Karolyi Ranch, the training facility where Larry Nassar sexually abused girls, Next assume they will go chase down horses & bolt those barn doors.

Thinking the chances that no one at USA Gymnastics knew about Larry Nassar are about as high as the chances no one at Penn State knew about Jerry Sandusky.

So when #AmazonHQ2 finalists were announced, did all 20 cities get a rose?


United Airlines is going to add “more spacious seats” for their Premium Economy on international flights – and dub it “Premium Plus.” Sounds good for those who can pay the difference. And the new seats will take more room, which means those in back of plane get more chance for knees to chest calisthenics


Anyone against death penalty might reconsider upon reading details of the #TurpinFamily case. Seriously.

Or  maybe we should just put the Turpin family and Larry Nassar in the same cell, or general population, at the same time?

To be fair to Trump’s doctor, pretty sure when he said 6’3″ it was because he wouldn’t have dared push height rod down on President’s hair.

Trump tweeted he is going to Pennsylvania to campaign for GOP candidate in Congressional special election. Great news, for Democrat Conor Lamb.


If Trump had Stormy Daniels spank him with a Forbes magazine, I don’t even want to imagine what she had him do with a copy of Time.

Remember those innocent days when the most embarrassing detail about a President we had to discuss with our children was a blow job?


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