Life in the fast lane, with a left blinker on…

The Eagles are playing a show at AT&T Park on Thursday, Sept. 20. At 5pm. So they & fans are so old even concerts need to be Early Bird Specials?

Well, damn, #KawhiLeonard out for an “indefinite period of time.” As a @Spurs fan I’d be even more upset if this wasn’t still months from meaningful NBA games.

Drew Brees, 39, will be a free agent this year, But Brees says he wants to be in New Orleans “as long as they’ll have him,”  isn’t talking to other teams and thinks a deal will be done by March.  No wonder the guy’s underrated, he’s not enough of a diva.

Just guessing even those opposed to capital punishment wouldn’t mind if in prison Larry Nassar somehow got left alone for a few hours in general population #USAGymnastics


Nice that Apple will create 20,000 new jobs in US. But many if not most of those jobs will require higher education, which GOP wants to cut… Wonder how long before Apple says they need more H1-B visas?

Jeff Flake compares Trump to Stalin. Except @realDonaldTrump might take that as a compliment.

When #JeffFlake repeatedly attacks Trump personally but votes with him 90% of the time, he just sounds like a grumpy spouse of someone he would marry again.

A British man was sentenced to 6 months in jail after he became jealous of his girlfriend having a night out, and called the pub with a fake bomb threat. And guess what ladies, when he gets out, he’ll be single.

Trump, slamming previous Presidents on North Korea. “I guess they all realized they’re going to have to leave it to a president that scored the highest on tests.” Well, no need for a test on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.’

When a man openly talks about wanting to date his daughter why should ANYONE be surprised when he sleeps with a porn star who looks like her? @realDonaldTrump


Many have attacked Hillary Clinton for turning a blind eye to her husband’s infidelities. Somehow I’ve missed the same folks now going after Melania Trump.

Uh, @PressSec says Democrats would be to blame for a Government shutdown. Uh, GOP controls BOTH houses. More of that math having a liberal bias?

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