Arson squads

Confused, at what point in World Series game 5 would a team have had to go for 2?

Fox during Game 5 was talking about “Jr Home Run Derby.” I thought that’s what we were watching.

At this rate, Bill Miller’s strike zone is going to end up on a milk carton.

Would love to see faces of whole lot of people who went to bed early on East Coast Sunday night because Dodgers  &  Kershaw had a 4-0 lead.  And then a 7-4 lead.


I trust A.J. Hinch has told Verlander he’s going nine innings in game 6.

Saddest post game 5 #WorldSeries thought. After one or two more games there will be no baseball until Spring Training.


SF Giants bullpen meltdown in 2016 NLDS Game 4 against Cubs one of worst in recent memory. Dodgers & Astros bullpens “Hold our beer.”

Patriots trade QB Jimmy Garoppolo to 49ers. New England gets 2nd round pick, Garoppolo gets month of January 2018 off.

Important reminder for the morning. Robert Mueller is a Republican.

“Also there is no COLLUSION” is Trumpian for “I did not have illegal relations with that Kremlin.”

So watching FoxNews & reading @realDonaldTrump tweets appears there were no limits to how far Hillary Clinton would go to lose 2016 election.


Got it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald Trump expect indictments any day now of President Hillary Clinton.

Guessing Sean Spicer is sitting at home right now with a big grin on his face.


Who says you can’t keep a secret in DC?  Robert Mueller had Papadopoulus arrested in July?

Who expected both the Netflix and real-life House of Cards might collapse in the same week?


Jared Kushner made a secret trip to Saudi Arabia this weekend. Saudi Arabia has no extradition treaty with the US. Coincidence?


Allegations against Kevin Spacey would be just as bad if it were 14 yr-old GIRL. His coming out should have nothing to do it it. Period.


Sad that we’re getting to point in USA where one of reactions to Kevin Spacey allegations is “Who’s going to be next?”

So “everyone knew” about Weinstein and Spacey? Who else does “everyone” know about. And would they just speak up now? Seriously.

Maybe Papadopoulus at 30 is too old to claim naivete & look for redemption But hey, in world where Donald Trump Jr, 39, is a “good boy…”



As of Monday night no tweets from @realDonaldTrump for about 14 hours. So who in the White House hid his phone?

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