In game 5.

This Astros bullpen is reminding SF Giants fans a little too much of the Giants bullpen.

Of course then Dodgers bullpen “Hold our beer.”

Noticed no woman assistant helping George H.W. Bush get his wheelchair onto the field before Game 5.


Because we all turn into the #WorldSeries to watch umpire Bill Miller give us his artistic interpretation of the strike zone? @byrnes22

Ken Giles, with World Series ERA of 27.00, has been temporarily demoted as Astros closer. Picked a bad time to emulate SF Giants bullpen.

Davey Martinez new Nationals manager, 7th since 2005 move from Montreal. Even by Steinbrenner standards that’s impressive.#CurseofLesExpos?

Wondering how many cats in costumes pictures posted for #NationalCatDay were taken before visits to emergency room for photographers?


Stanford lucky w/ late fumble, just beat OSU 15-14 as 23-pt favorite, moved up in top 25. So good this week East coast viewers were asleep?

Billionaires need a tax cut like the #WorldSeries needs more #YouTubeTVcommercials.

That moment when you realize Penn State behavior over Sandusky/Paterno makes you okay with them losing to Urban Meyer & Ohio State.


Least popular Halloween 2007 costume must be Mike Pence. Not just that it’s dull, but you can’t go ANYWHERE w/o wife by your side.

Puerto Rico has just ADMITTED 991 deaths from Hurricane Maria. Dear gawd, what would it have taken for Trump to give himself a “9?”


Were the alleged death threats against now fired Florida coach Jim McElwain from the evil architects of the Bowling Green massacre?

A man & woman arrested for looting in Santa Rosa today. Cue anti-immigrant rants. Except they’re Caucasians from Monterey. Oops, never mind.

Poll shows 71% of Americans believe US politics have reached dangerous low point. Shocking. 29% think we can go lower?

“Imposter syndrome” a problem for many powerful women. But Hillary would be 1st to actually commit crimes to keep herself from White House.

If you only read or watch Fox News you’re probably going to be surprised that Mueller indictments Monday don’t include Hillary Clinton.

Penny Young Nance, Trump’s rumored choice for Ambassador at-large for Global Women’s Issues “The question for us as moms is when we bring our daughters to see Frozen, we often have our little boys sitting there, and is this message helpful? We want them to know that they’re essential. We want to raise heroes. We want to raise real men that will stick in their families and be great dads and be great providers and great husbands.”
She seems nice.

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