Sooner or later

For all new baseball fans who figured after game 1 of #WorldSeries that games took about 2 1/2 hours…. guess what, fun’s over. #Game3

Long suffering Astros fans have to be feeling just a bit optimistic after game 3, with Houston up 2-1.  But okay, shouldn’t series against Dodgers be NLCS?


Rumors of Casey,Anthony & OJ Simpson collaborating on a reality show. Ah for the days when that would be most horrifying story on Twitter.



Damn good thing #HoustonTexans in no danger of winning Super Bowl any time soon; locker room photo op w/ owner would be a little forced.


Of all NFL owners Houston Texans owner Bob McNair was biggest donor to Trump. “That’s shocking” said nobody.

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Case “We’re the worst offense in football.”
Cleveland Browns – “Who are we, chopped liver?”


I’m so old I remember when Halloween was a one day holiday and not a weekend.


Wikileaks is offering $100,000 reward for Kennedy docs still kept secret. Uh, how much for the Trump tax returns?

Now it’s #TomSteyer. Can @realDonaldTrump name one person who has attacked him that he doesn’t slam as crazy or fake?


Sarah Huckabee Sanders  says all women accusing Trump of sexual assault are lying. Waiting for Fox & Friends to say assaulter was really Bill Clinton.

Trump handing candy to child “You have no weight problems, that’s the good news.” Didn’t have to see picture to know it was a little girl.

 Got it. All Donald Trump’s accusers are liars; all Bill Clinton’s accusers are honest saints. WTF is wrong w/people?


Written Friday night – What agony for Trump Saturday morning. So many to attack as fake, so little time.


Guessing all vacations and days off Monday for political reporters have been canceled? #Mueller


In  many ways it’s not Trump’s behavior that’s the scariest thing in USA now. It’s that almost 40 percent still support him.

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2 Comments on “Sooner or later”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Roger Stone, a good buddy of Dotard Trump, just had his Twitter account suspended permanently. Who’s next????? Please, please, pick “him”!

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Ezekiel Elliott has been warned not to jump into The Salvation Army kettle today, as league officials will immediately put a lid on it for 6 weeks if he does.

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