There can be only one.

I guess not even Verlander is Madbum.

Going to miss baseball after World Series.  Not going to miss in-game YouTube commercials.


Can we make it a felony offense for 1st person who says “Game 7, win or go home.” #WorldSeries

Someone paid over $71,000 for 4 tickets behind home plate for game 7. Not sure who it is but pretty sure they don’t need a tax cut.

Wait a minute, what were all these zeroes going up on scoreboard? Are we sure Astros Dodgers playing same game as Game 5?

Liriano gets big outs in #WorldSeries. And #SFGiants fans, once again, remember A J Pierzynski trade. The gift that keeps on giving.

So Dave Roberts actually had audacity to challenge call based on a rule his own 2nd baseman caused with a dirty slide #ChaseUtley

Houston Texans say Jadeveon Clowney’s prison-jumpsuit Halloween costume wasn’t meant as jab at team owner.  Right.   And McNair didn’t mean to insult players…

Man & woman were cited after she was seen performing oral sex on him in seats on Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit. Regular fliers shocked – most of us don’t have room to cross our legs.

Now it’s Jeremy Piven. Beginning to think that most men in Hollywood are assholes.

NPR’s top editor latest to face sexual assault allegations. Let’s face it, no political persuasion or profession is free from douchebags.

Despicable killer in Manhattan today had fake guns. Imagine if he were REALLY armed.

Same people who said “Now is not time” to talk about gun control after Las Vegas are now already calling for more extreme vetting….



To all those sarcastically asking about more strict regulation of truck rentals. Deal. As long as we can do the same with guns.

Bus to hell time. Police in Japan found nine dismembered bodies stored in cat litter in a man’s apartment today. Speaking as a woman not sure I want to hear “crazy cat LADY” ever again

Many White House staff guilty, all beginning to distrust others. This is like live-action version of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians.”

I’m so old I remember when John Kelly was supposed to be the adult in the White House.

On matter of women’s suffrage does John Kelly think America should have compromised by men letting women watch elections?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Robert E Lee: “All of our leaders have flaws, that doesn’t diminish their contributions to our country”

Well, actually Benedict Arnold was a great American general in the Revolutionary War, until he wasn’t.

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8 Comments on “There can be only one.”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    At the halfway point in the NFL season, Kaepernick jokes are still funny in NE, Philly, LA, Dallas, KC, & Detroit. Probably not getting a lot of laughs in Miami, Cleveland, New Jersey, Jacksonville, & Arizona.

  2. Neal Says:

    So Dave Roberts actually had audacity to challenge call based on a rule his own 2nd baseman caused with a dirty slide #ChaseUtley

    Not a dirty slide.

  3. TC in BC Says:

    Carlos Correa proposed to his GF after the game. Guess after tonight he now has an “extra” ring.

  4. or one less since he gave it away 🙂

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