Weak one.

Roger Goodell, when asked if a team should sign Colin Kaepernick – “I’m not a football expert.” When the commissioner is right, he’s right.


Patriots fans feeling a bit deflated this morning.

Tom Brady called out Patriots last night over “our attitude & our competitiveness. ” So now the big question WWGS – Who will Gisele blame?


What’s bigger shock tonight for #SFGiants fans -that Pablo Sandoval broke 0-39 streak w/ home run, or that Matt Moore pitched well for a win.

Words I never expected to write: Buster Posey steals home.

Meanwhile the Dodgers had a 4 run first inning against Colorado to break their losing streak at 7 games….. Oops, never mind.  (5-4 loss)

Remembering those bumper stickers “God is coming and boy is she pissed.” Not sure about God but Mother Nature sure seems unhappy.

Worrying where Irma will hit next, is it too late to rename storm ‘Hurricane 2017 SFGiants?” Because we all know they rarely hit anything.  #bustohell

Eric Bolling is out at #FoxNews, allegedly for sexting photos to colleagues.   Guys, here’s a quick safety tip – NO women want to see pictures of your junk.

Amazing how many people who don’t believe scientists on climate change now do believe in the National Weather Service.

Hey @realDonaldTrump, until we survive #Irma maybe time to put tweets on tax reform & attacking Congress on hold for a while? #priorities





From T.C.   “Interesting to note that Tampa, Miami and the NE defense in the 4th Q all just used their Bye Weeks in week 1.”

When I moved from Florida to California, friends asked how I could deal with the idea that we could have a major earthquake any minute. Now, admittedly there are moments when you worry, especially after a small quake, or when you think you hear or feel something.
But I thought then, and now, in some ways much easier to have no idea what might be coming, than to know a hurricane is coming, and not be able to do anything but hunker down or evacuate.
Wishing the best for everyone in Florida tonight, seriously.

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One Comment on “Weak one.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Patriots fans feeling a bit deflated this morning….

    Dodgers fans too. At least they can bring back Scully.

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