Thursday night

Apparently the Chiefs watched the 4th quarter of last year’s Super Bowl.

2017 is a weird @MLB year. #SFGiants somehow turned into the #Phillies, and now the #Dodgers are trying to turn into the #SFGiants.

Grant Bisbee of McCovey Chronicles notes “The Giants have outscored the Dodgers in the second half of the season.”
Clearly a sign of the apocalypse.

Urban Meyer says it drives him “insane” when 1st-year coaches complain, saying once you start “they’re YOUR players.” Well, except after Meyer left Florida when some of them also belonged to parole officers.

Clippers are offering new courtside seats with all-inclusive club access, waiter service and valet parking. ESPN reports a source says the price is $175,000 a seat. Well, it’s not as if buyers will have to save money for several rounds of playoff tickets.

So the world’s chances of avoiding a nuclear holocaust may come down to Dennis Rodman?

Zander Venezia, 16 yr-old pro surfer died while surfing in Barbados during Hurricane Irma. A fellow surfer said his last words before heading out again were “I just got the best wave of my life!”
Venezia hoped to go to the Olympics, but at least he might be this year’s front-runner for the top Hurricane Darwin Award.


All these people who don’t believe in Climate change shouldn’t fear Irma, because weather forecasting is you know, science.

Equifax says  hackers accessed 143 million social security numbers, birthdays, addresses & driver licenses. Hey, that’s only almost every adult in US.

So how come hackers can even access info from companies in business of data security like Equifax, & no one’s gotten Trump’s tax returns?

Don Jr said he met with Russian lawyer to learn Hillary’s “fitness” to be President. If he said it with a straight face he’s better actor than dad.

In Trump world:   Dreamers were capable of making illegal decisions as toddlers but Donald Jr , 39, is a “good boy” & Ivanka, 35, calls him “Daddy.”

Trump tells Dreamers for 6 months they’ll have nothing to worry about – “no action.” Same as doctors sometimes say about inoperable cancer.

Steve Bannon, Catholics support #DACA because “they need illegal aliens to fill churches.” Yeah,can see why religious right supported Trump.

Betsy DeVos announced plans to rewrite Obama-era campus sexual assault policy to better protect accused students. And this is a woman who has daughters?

Devos, wanted to”advance God’s kingdom” through education, now works for pussy-grabber. Should we be surprised by today?

Okay, Trump actually released a list of charities that are getting his and Melania’s $1 million donation. If true, good for him.
See, I can say something nice about Trump. Don’t get used to it. 🙂

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One Comment on “Thursday night”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Interesting to note that Tampa, Miami and the NE defense in the 4th Q all just used their Bye Weeks in week 1.

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