CSI – Fenway?

The Red Sox, who themselves admitted stealing signs with an Apple watch, now say they have  “video evidence” of the Yankees using a  camera also to steal signs.

Stand by for 2018 BOS-NY games not only on ESPN but also covered on CSI?


For first time in recent memory,  SF Giants  actually gained a game on Dodgers.  Now only 38.5 games out. #smallmercies


Lots of rumors earlier this year that #SFGiants might have traded Joe Panik. Lots of playoff-bound teams now wish they had him.
SF Giants sent an email to fans suggesting they use “Giants FanCam” And “Tag Yourself in our 360 degree photo view of AT&T Park at your most recent Giants game!
Uh, right about now, not sure how many people want to admit they are going to Giants games.



New US govt report found women between ages of 40-59 aren’t getting enough sleep. Waiting for the next study that will find water is wet.

I sure do miss days when the biggest controversy of the day was whether the new cast of #DWTS Dancing with the Stars really were stars.


Facebook reportedly is telling advertiser it can reach 25 million more people in the US than census data shows exist. Well, hey, guess Russian bots need friends too?

Rush Limbaugh on Irma “These storms, once they actually hit, are never as strong as they’re reported.” Maybe he should go report on this travesty in person?


FEMA is already running out of money after Harvey and before Irma. But hey, the priority for Americans’ safety is a wall? @realDonaldTrump

Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer stepping down and cited “personal reasons.” As in he’s personally tired of Trump?


How long until GOP leaders who supported Trump realize they were enacting US version of Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn   “You break it you buy it” policy.

Can anyone imagine GOP response if an Obama daughters, or even Michelle, just dropped by closed White House meetings to say “hello? #WTF?


Steve King doesn’t believe DACA should be fixed, and says Dreamers “continue to live the objective that they sought to achieve when they illegally entered America. Live in the shadows.”
Right, because six-year olds tell their parents their dream is to leave home and grow up to live in the shadows? #WTF?
Over the years I have met many people who I knew were undocumented. Often they had just stayed past tourist or student visas. And in several cases they were Caucasians from Britain. Just guessing that if they are still “illegal” the Brits and children are not the Dreamers fearing ICE prosecution.
(a friend points out that the largest group overstaying visas is now Asian.  But Trump isn’t talking about going  after them, or putting walls around airports.
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One Comment on “CSI – Fenway?”

  1. Neal Says:

    Can anyone imagine GOP response if an Obama daughters, or even Michelle, just dropped by closed White House meetings to say “hello? #WTF?

    Maybe she brought doughnuts.

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