Teams of the weak?

If misery loves company then for the last couple weeks @Dodgers & @SFGiants should be best of friends.

Although for now SF Giants in 2017 are great MLB team to watch for those who hate idea of fatalities but love watching major trainwrecks.

At this point Pablo Sandoval,  0 for his laste 36, is making SF Giants fans long for the major-league hitting ability of Tim Tebow.

Magic Johnson, who is now Lakers president of operations, says the team can take the NBA’s $500,000 tampering fine over Paul George out of his paycheck. And other teams are thinking $500k to tamper? Heck, we can raise our Presidents’ salaries by that much and really work on free agents.

Dolphins- Buccaneers regular-season opener Sunday postponed until Nov 19 due to Irma. So both teams will be undefeated into NFL week 2.

USC used blind long snapper Jake Olson in win Sat. over Western Michigan. Good for Olson. What’s his next step, becoming an NFL referee?

Or an MLB ump?

New York Jets are 1,000-1 to win the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. So you’re saying there’s a chance.

If Trump was so proud of decision to end DACA he’d have called a press conference instead of sending Sessions out to do it for him. Period.

Dolphins to move weekend game against Buccaneers this weekend over Hurricane Irma  Well, not as if it’s anything really important in FLA, like college football.

Ezekiel Elliott’s  6 game suspension upheld for now, but latest delay means he will play in NBC’s nationally televised Sunday Night game.   Sure it’s just a coincidence


2 horrific hurricanes, major LA fires & record Northern Calif temperatures in a week. Would hate to see weather if climate change was real.

Trump claims he’s not punishing children but #DACA unconstitutional. Also claims he can make the rules. So why doesn’t he issue his own EO? A biglier and better EO. protecting Dreamers than Obama.

Notice those defending Trump on #DACA decision are all people whose ancestors immigrated here early enough they aren’t affected by it.

So bad enough @realDonaldTrump wouldn’t announce his #DACA ban in person. But did he have to traumatize children by sending a Keebler elf?

Got it., so President Obama’s #DACA executive order is unconstitutional, but Trump can regularly change laws with tweets.

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2 Comments on “Teams of the weak?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    In last night’s 19 inning game vs Boston, Blue Jays used a few pitchers who hadn’t pitched recently. They were so much out of the loop, they had to ask the Red Sox for the signs.

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