How low can you go?

As awful as the  SF Giants have played in 2017, the Dodgers might be playing worse this week. #Miserylovesevenbriefcompany

And Giants pitchers haven’t given up four home runs in one game to J.D. Martinez. Yet.

But now SF Giants high-priced closer Mark Melancon will need surgery. Well, at least this won’t be a problem in the playoffs. #2017

Texas’s loss to Maryland was a really embarrassing way for the state to start college football season. Texas A and M: “Hold my beer.”

But really,  who do the #Aggies think they are, the Atlanta #Falcons#UCLA

Because nothing says NCAA is really about amateur student athletes like Monday Night COLLEGE football…. #TENNvsGT

Another reason to be an Anglophile: Britain gets Prince William & Kate announcing they’re having a 3rd child, while the US gets Kim and Kanye are breeding a third child via a surrogate.


Great moments in travel. When you have a tight international connection, have to go through Passport control, and the woman in front of you absolutely cannot find her boarding pass in her purse.  Then she starts digging in her rolling bag, and after a few minutes she triumphantly produces it. And security guy sighs. “That is your arrival boarding pass.”. Search begins again. And second security person waves those behind her into another line.


A Carlow University junior apparently died earlySunday morning while “train hopping.” The University issued a statement expressing sympathy for the “tragic accident.”
Now, we were all young once, and I do feel really sad for her friends and family. But isn’t “train-hopping” less a “tragic accident” and more a Darwin?

First Harvey, now LA Fire, and Irma approaching. Call it climate change, global warming, whatever you want; but Mother Nature seems pissed.


CNN reports that Mexico plans to send 25 trailers full of supplies including rice, beans, coffee and chocolate for Texas flood victims. Let’s hope Trump doesn’t order them stopped at the border.

Trump to get rid of DACA, but giving Congress 6 months to replace What if they just take Obama’s name off & call it Trump Dreamer act?

So who had South Korea in Trump insult bingo?


With National Prayer Day this weekend “by Presidential Proclamation,” can someone remind @realDonaldTrump that Jesus said “suffer little children to come unto me” not make children suffer for coming here.

When it gets right down to it Trump just can’t stand that not only was Obama more popular than him, 44 gets more popular every day


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3 Comments on “How low can you go?”

  1. Neal Says:

    As awful as the SF Giants have played in 2017, the Dodgers might be playing worse this week.

    Not to panic! As Texas A&M said in the Rose Bowl last Saturday.

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Red Sox caught steaing signs from Yankees. Goodell suggests suspending a Boston player for 4 games.

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