An ill wind

Really rough time for Florida. But have to figure some residents are at least getting a smile out of watching Urban Meyer lose. #OhioState

Indians have won 17 games straight. 2017 #SFGiants consider 17 wins a good two months.


Colin Kaepernick may not have the skill set to be a starting NFL QB. But at this point doesn’t look like Andy Dalton does either.

At least #SFGiants don’t have to worry about sign-stealing. This year no other team would want them.

Wonder if any Joe Paterno apologists will change their minds today. Sadly thinking they were some of first on the #FakeNews bandwagon.
Wonder how many fans who profess to be upset w/ NFL players sitting during the anthem use that time themselves for bathroom or beer break?
Because of the hurricane we need to “speed up” tax cuts? So millionaires can build sturdier mansions? #WTF? #@realdonaldtrump

A Florida man suggested shooting guns at Hurricane Irma out of “stress and boredom.”  And apparently over 54,000 have signed up to join in.  Good to know that even in the worst of times, some Floridians remain committed to upholding their state’s reputation.

Hillary Clinton “I’m done with being a candidate.” Your turn, Bernie.

Quite a quandry for Facebook if Zuckerberg ever runs for President: Would site accept big $$$ from Russians running ads again him?

The Norwegian Escape cruise ship is waiting out Irma at sea with 4,000 people and unlimited booze. Imagine a whole lot of drunken karaoke versions of Gilligan’s island “A three-hour tour…”


Clicked on a FB link about John McCain saying he’s “facing a challenge.” And yes, brain cancer is horrible. But even more horrible are some of the comments, “hurry up and die,” mostly from people who claim McCain hasn’t been a good enough Republican. You almost hope they’re Russian bots, because humans shouldn’t be that nasty.

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3 Comments on “An ill wind”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Lorne Grabher of Nova Scotia is fighting a court order to remove his personal vanity license plate which bears his last name. In related news, Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys is rumored to have applied for the vanity plate “Whackher”. Supposedly a guy named Ray Rice BEAT him to it. (pun intended)

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Rogers Communications, the parent company of the Toronto Blue Jays have just announced that they will give $1 of every ticket sold on Monday vs Baltimore to Florida Hurricane relief funds. Average price of a ticket is ~$60. Who knew the head of Rogers was named Ebenezer? (I believe he asked if Florida or Houston had workhouses or prisons?)

  3. The Norweigan Escape will run out of booze eventually — I was at a political convention consisting of liberals back in 2007, and the only thing left in the hotel bar by the end of the weekend was Coors Light…because not even liberals will drink that stuff.

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