Not just a numbers game?

Florida has now suspended starting RB Jordan Scarlett & WR Rick Wells for the Michigan game, bringing the total of suspended players for the game to 10. Or as many SEC players consider that, higher math.

With all the bad press NFL players get, often deservedly so, may I just say that JJ Watt seems to be a seriously fine human being.

Astros returning to Houston on Saturday for a double header against NY. Which Astros president Reid Ryan says is a “welcome distraction for our city that is going through a very difficult time. We hope that we can put smiles on some faces.”
Well, it helps that the team gets to face the Mets.

SF Giants’ Matt Moore, 4-13, has 5.49 ERA, highest of any qualified NL starting pitcher. The curse of Skeeter? #MattDuffy

So if USA has money to build a wall, should be easy to divert $$$$ for now to Harvey relief and infrastructure?


-Trump on FEMA director Long “a man who’s really become very famous on television over last couple of days.” Working w/ Frederick Douglas?


A Houston mattress and furniture store opened itself to Hurricane Harvey victims as a shelter,  Paging Joel Osteen, this is what a House of God really is….

“What a crowd, what a turnout,” Trump in Texas. Even average narcissistic sociopaths have to be appalled.

Facebook will start censoring pages that publish #FakeNews So much for those who go to FB to get updates from #FoxNews


Heard the news of an accident in Paris while listening to an SF Giants game, then drove to San Francisco for a 15th anniversary dinner at Fleur de Lys, where everyone, instead of going into dinner, was gathered around a small TV in the bar, as networks had just announced her death. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years. RIP Diana, Princess of Wales.

and a short detour on the bus to hell courtesy of Roberta K.  “Re: Melania’s shoes — an online friend of mine commented, “Melania heard they needed pumps in Houston.”

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One Comment on “Not just a numbers game?”

  1. Neal Says:

    SF Giants’ Matt Moore, 4-13, has 5.49 ERA, highest of any qualified NL starting pitcher. The curse of Skeeter? #MattDuffy


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