Ill winds.


Texas Rangers refused to swap locations for series with the Houston Astros after Hurricane Harvey.   And Dallas Cowboys are going, wow, we may not even be the most hated team in Texas anymore.



Trump in Texas on #Harvey “There’s probably never been something so expensive in our country’s history.” Now, about that wall….

Melania Trump caused a stir by showing up in Texas with her husband to make an appearanc after Harvey in  $600 Manolo Blahnik stilettos.  To be fair, they were BLACK $600 Manolo Blahnik stilettos.  Not like Melania would be disrespectful in bright colors.

Megachurch preacher Joel Osteen might turn out to be a rich asshole who doesn’t really care about people. I’m shocked.

Really hoping that a lot of people who might have donated to Joel Osteen’s church decide instead to give money to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Re #NashvilleStatement – Wise words “We shall be free. When we’re free to love anyone we choose.” From that commie-pinko Garth Brooks.

The CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Art Briles will not join their staff. Translation, the news about Baylor just reached Canada?

These days it’s almost a relief to wake up and see #BachelorinParadisetrending on Twitter.

SF Giants sending email ads already for “Giants autumn attire.” Guess there’s no need to wait for anything with potential postseason logos.

“All options are on the table.” Wait, wasn’t North Korea Trump’s foreign policy great victory? Who knew diplomacy could be so complicated?

Boston’s Logan Airport is considering charging fees to drivers who drop off or pick up passengers. Airlines are incensed. Mostly that they didn’t think of it first.


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3 Comments on “Ill winds.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Billionaire Donald has not pledged a dime towards any relief funds. Guess it doesn’t matter as he very rarely follows through anyways. Hey, but buy my hat that I’m wearing everywhere for $40.

  2. Re: Melania’s shoes — an online friend of mine commented, “Melania heard they needed pumps in Houston.”

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