Missed it by more than that much

On a brighter note for SF Giants fans, this isn’t a season like 2002 or 2016 where you think all winter about ONE game that got away.

Los Angeles Lakers fined $500,000 for violating NBA’s anti-tampering rule after, as ESPN reports, “GM Rob Pelinka was found to have had contact with Paul George’s agent after the team had already been warned.”
$500,000? Isn’t that about has much as the team wasted for a couple games on Kobe Bryant in the last year of his contract?

Tiger Woods has been given clearance by his doctore to start “pitching golf balls.”  At this point this seems to be as likely to result in success as Tim Tebow’s hitting baseballs.

So with resigning as Sheriff, who’s got him in the pool being hired by before ?


Well, of course we know President Obama wasn’t golfing during Katrina. He was too busy altering his Kenyan birth certificate. #sarcasm


Trump reportedly to rescind #DACA. Because nothing says humanitarianism after US natural disaster in US like kicking immigrant children out.In polite response to a friend who says Trump still “better than Hillary,” we don’t know what she would be. We know what he is. #deplorable

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