What meaningless games?

Actually sorry for Julian Edelman, out for the year with torn ACL. But just guessing that outside about a 100 mile radius from Boston, no one’s shedding too many tears for #Patriots.

Oregon State is not helping #Pac12 starting off the year in fighting East Coast bias.

Uncertainly over Isaiah Thomas’s hip could lead to #Cavs voiding trade w/ #Celtics. Oops, Boston fans asking “how do you unburn a jersey?

As NFL injuries pile up, guessing seriously  most season ticket holders would be happier w/ higher regular season  ticket prices & fewer pre-season games.


Well, #Stanford and #Rice‘s decision to play today in Sydney instead of Houston is looking pretty prescient.


Three Carnival Cruise Line ships will extend cruises a day to delay return to Galveston over Hurricane Harvey.  The important question  for passengers – do they get free drinks?

Terror suspect arrested in London with a sword at Buckingham Palace, causes minor injuries to 3 policemen.
Meanwhile, on the M1 Highway about 90 minutes from London, 8 die in a massive traffic accident where 2 men arrested for dangerous driving.
Proving, once again, we have a lot more to fear from stupidity (especially when combined with testosterone) than terrorism.

Am I the only one who doesn’t care that spoilers were released for the #GameOfThrones season finale?

At least Texans who don’t believe in climate change & science, like the National Weather Service, had a few days of blissful ignorance before weekend. #HurricaneHarvey

Trump has pardoned Arpaio. There may be good people “on many sides.” Sheriff Arpaio isn’t one of them.

Trump doesn’t brag about firing neo-Nazi #Gorka, but brags about pardoning racist monster #Arpaio   Sad


Homeland Security Adviser Bossert – Trump’s Camp David weekend “isn’t a trip. I wouldn’t characterize it as a trip.” Translation, no golf.

Scariest thing on #TrumpPardon: If he pardoned Arpaio, who wouldn’t he pardon?

(Tony Bruno suggests “The interuption?”)

Joe Arpaio today ” I told my wife I don’t want nothing to do with politics, but now I’ve got to rethink that. I think I’ve got a big political message to get out.”
So does Trump think he’s going to appoint Arpaio to replace Sessions as Attorney General?

If you aren’t convinced yet on Arpaio, remember Maricopa County voters, who knew him best, voted him out of office last year. #TrumpPardon


So why didn’t just build a wall to keep out?

Posted before the fight – From TC  “Mayweather 49-0   57-0 if u include women.”

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