An ill wind


Two Chicago bars are boycotting NFL games on TV until Colin Kaepernick is signed. Wonder how they’d feel if Kap were a bear who played like Cutler.

Shame that #Yankees #Tigers are done playing for the season. At this point, fans might pay more for a rematch than Mayweather McGregor.

Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving saying he wanted a trade “he showed a lot of courage, man, because it’s hard to take that type of criticism.” Hey, it’s a free country. But courage, yeah, okay, so what kind of medal shall we give him?


For all worries about terrorists with cars, think most Americans are at more serious risk from 80-90 somethings who still insist on driving.

Now it’s #Corker. Has there ever been anyone who criticizes @realDonaldTrump who he doesn’t lash out at like an petulant angry child?

Good luck to everybody. They’re going to be safe.” Is that Trumpian for “The coastal towns tend Democrat so f*ck them?” #HurricaneHarvey


Hurricane Harvey really upended Trump’s weekend plans. Forced him to go to Camp David instead of Bedminster & maybe forego golf. #TheHorror

As we watch approach of #HurricaneHarvey think George W. Bush might be forgiven for thinking “They complained about me with Katrina?”

Wishing the best for Texans during #HurricaneHarvey. But hoping they all remember that Ted Cruz voted against federal relief after Sand

A reminder to share with anyone in Harvey’s path. This old joke  was popular after Katrina:
Police in New Orleans knock on a woman’s door and tell her to evacuate. She responds “No, God will save me.”
Then floodwaters come into her street. People come by in a boat and tell her to get in. She responds “No, God will save me.”
Then the water level reaches into her house so she has to climb on the roof. And a rescue helicopter comes by with people yelling her to grab a rope ladder. She responds “No, God will save me.”
Then the water washes over the roof and she drowns.
At the pearly gates she asks “God, why didn’t you save me?”
And God says, “I sent police, a boat and a helicopter. What did you want?”

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One Comment on “An ill wind”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    If it Friday, it is time for another White House person the resign. This time Sebastian Gorka. Is it too soon to start a pool for when it is Kellyanne’s turn?

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