High water mark?

With the #bustohell caveat, #HurricaneHarvey could be the worst weekend for Houston since the Oilers-Bills playoff game in 1993.


Some people thought a 30.5 point spread for Stanford vs Rice was crazy. They were right.

But have to  wonder after seeing Stanford, ranked #14 pre-season, despite a potentially suspect offense, beat Rice 62-7,  how many SEC teams are scrambling to get the Owls on their schedule?

Browns named DeShone Kizer regular season starting QB against Steelers. So modern day equivalent of naming deck chair manager on Titanic?


Mayweather apparently denied betting $400,000 on himself Saturday for McGregor fight. What a shame, guy only ended up pocketing $100 mill.

So now some of us can go back to not caring about boxing without having to ignore all the headlines.

– Meg Whitman has stepped down as chairman of HP’s board on Wednesday,  fueling rumors that despite her denials of going to Uber, that the ride-share company will soon name her as CEO.  So, if so, how did Uber change Meg’s mind – a offer with surge pricing ?

No jokes, doctors are reporting seeing patients who put sunscreen on their eyes to watch the eclipse.  On the bright side for some conservatives, this does tend to shoot down Darwin’s theory of evolution.


On same subject,  now at least five dead in Texas. Which is sad. Though have to wonder how many of them were “refused to evacuate” Darwin award winners?

Honda confirms digital clocks on older models Pilot SUVs and Odyssey minivans have reset themselves to 00:00. Meanwhile USA GOP trying to reset our country to 1950s.

With a barrage of Twitter attacks Sunday on Mexico has it occurred to Trump that the might need their Southern neighbor’s help after Hurricane Harvey?

As govt tries to help Texas, be nice if Senator Cruz or Cornyn actually apologized for voting against Federal funding for Hurricane Sandy.


So someone did tell Trump that people in Texas can’t read his  self congratulatory tweets if  their phones are underwater?


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2 Comments on “High water mark?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Donny to visit Texas on Tuesday, expected to offer everyone affected by Harvey a 10% discount at all Trump Hotels. (must prove residence with valid ID)

  2. Neal Says:

    Honda confirms digital clocks on older models Pilot SUVs and Odyssey minivans have reset themselves to 00:00. …

    An omen?

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