Non arrested development?

SF Giants gave up 7 runs to the Phillies in the 6th, lost 12 to 9, and still weren’t the Bay Area team who had the ugliest night.

(49ers lost 33-14 to Broncos. And it wasn’t that close.   But heck, no player this week ended up on a police blotter..)

At least  SF Giants didn’t sell part of their collective soul to sign Aroldis Chapman in the offseason. #smallmercies

Dozens of NYPD cops staged a show of support today for Colin Kaepernick in Brooklyn. Of course, if any of them are Jets fans,  signing even a mediocre QB is looking pretty good right now.

Just thinking, as much as I love sports, I think I could happily live my whole life without playing fantasy football.

-TC from BC thinks Kap has ruled out going to the CFL, “because we don’t play the Star Spangled Banner before games.”

The National Museum of African American History & Culture will be adding a Colin Kaperinick jersey and other items to their collection. Well, for football fans in Washington, DC it will give them an actual place to go to see an NFL jersey during the post season.

Police say an intoxicated woman started cursing at a man fishing in a lake,  bit into his fishing line and swam off with his lure.  You guessed it, Florida.

Trump and others seem unclear on the concept: You can be anti-hate, and anti-racism, and still support police. #LoveTrumpsHate

So as a new week begins, wonder how many people playing the Trump firing game are one square away from “BINGO?”

Why is Gorka still in White House? Well, Trump has to ration firings/resignations one at a time. Only has so many bright shiny distracting objects.


And so now we’re back to tweeting about Crooked Hillary Clinton. Sorest winner ever? @realDonaldTrump


Breitbart political editor Matthew Boyle on Bannon’s return “We’ve been a pirate ship without a captain for a year.”
Americans are going, “Big deal, we’ve had the ship of state without a captain for almost 8 months.”

52% of white women voted for Trump. Wonder how many of them are thinking this was the same type of mistake they made in high school with the cool guy who turned out to be a major a**hole?
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