Rich get richer

Curtis Granderson cleared waivers and was traded from the Mets to the Dodgers.    Which wouldn’t bother to San Francisco fans as he’s hitting .228 .  Except that his 19 HRs are  more than anyone on Giants.

Georgia Tech dismissed its top running back, sophomore Dedrick Mills, for an unspecified “violation of athletics department rules.” This following two suspensions for him last year.
Mills was already on the pre-season all-ACC team. Too soon to start a pool on which SEC school will offer him a second chance?


Although if cranky  SF Giants fans thought their team was worst in baseball, now they get to see what truly awful team looks like. #Phillies

New England top draft pick DE Derek Rivers is probably out for the season with a torn ACL. Sad for him, but “I feel so sorry for the Patriots” said nobody.

Jags to share QB duties between Blake Bortles and Chad Henne. Coach Marrone “I’m looking for someone that’s going to lead this offense.” And guessing Marrone hopes to find that someone in the 2018 draft.

Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, says she won’t talk to Trump. She’s got more courage than many Republicans.

CEOs leaving Trump in droves, Cleveland Clinic, American Cancer Society have canceled Mar-a-Lago events. Maybe GOP should follow the money.


Anyone got BINGO in the Trump firing game yet?


So did Trump fire #SteveBannon for being too racist, or for taking too much of the credit?


Good thing for Trump that Bannon doesn’t appear to be a vindictive SOB.  #sarcasm

Rex Tillerson “It’s well understood & embraced I’m certain by everyone in room, we all know hate isn’t American value.” Has he told his boss?

Now all of 1 of Trump’s Arts and Humanities council have resigned. Trump was shocked, he didn’t know he had Arts & Humanities Council.

Now member of Trump’s evangelical council has quit. How long until God says, “take my name off your money, you don’t trust in me anymore.”

Joe’s Crab Shack abruptly closed 41 locations without warning, throwing hundreds out of work. Somehow I missed Trump tweet taking credit.

With Bannon’s ouster, editor of Breitbart has tweeted #WAR. This would so much more fun as fiction than documentary. But pass the popcorn.

Wonder if anyone at the #WhiteHouse has told Melania, sorry, you can’t quit too


Does it count as leaving a sinking ship when you are thrown off? Asking for rat friends.


As many people who try to defend Trump, is there ANYONE who will claim he makes decent wine. #howlowcanyougo?


Six  police officers shot tonight in FL & PA. at least one has died. Clearly being good guy with a gun isn’t enough when bad guys have guns.

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4 Comments on “Rich get richer”

  1. Neal Says:

    Does it count as leaving a sinking ship when you are thrown off? Asking for rat friends.

    Only if you land in a lifeboat.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    What’s the diff between Jerry Lewis and Donald Trump? One of them was acting like a fool and a buffoon on purpose!!!!

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