Here goes the sun

If Trump wants to prove science is #FakeNews he could help convince skeptics by just spending a few minutes looking at the eclipse.

With today’s loss, #SFGiants were officially eliminated in the NL West.

MLB Umps wore white wristbands as a protest to perceived increased verbal abuse by players. They couldn’t find another color? #Tonedeaf


Anyone else see the #NOvsLAC hashtag and thinking “Wait, preseason Pelicans Clippers already?


All these tweets about #MLBLittleLeagueClassic – wasn’t that the SF Giants Phillies series this weekend?

Olympian medalist  Aly Raisman blasts USA Gymnastics for ignoring and not stopping a sex abuser doctor.   Who did they think they were, the Catholic Church?

Powerball jackpot will grow to about $650 million. Alas of the millions who expect to win it and retire, many of them can vote.

Breitbart political editor Matthew Boyle on Bannon’s return “We’ve been a pirate ship without a captain for a year.”
Americans are going, “Big deal, we’ve had the ship of state without a captain for almost 8 months.”

Trump response to #USSJohnSMcCain collision & missing soldiers “That’s too bad.” Wonder how he’d response if Mar-A-Lago caught fire.

Jerry Falwell Jr. defended Trump saying “very fine people on both sides, saying the President had “inside information.” So who called him with the information, David Duke?

RIP Jerry Lewis. Will they put flags at half-staff in France?

One of toughest things about living with Trump in White House is difficulty of telling what posts are real & which are the Onion.

Some Oceanaire restaurants in various locations, owned by Landry’s, have been putting a 3% surcharge on bills to cover increases in mandatory minimum wages.   Wonder how much the surcharges would be if they isolated how much it costs to pay executive salaries?


Remember when some of us thought a Trump vacation might mean he’d just spend all his time on the golf course and give the country a break?

Everyone worried about Trump’s base not abandoning him: remember as he says, don’t need a popular majority, electoral votes are enough.

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5 Comments on “Here goes the sun”

  1. Neal Says:

    With today’s loss, #SFGiants were officially eliminated in the NL West.

    Maybe next year things will be back to normal, with the Giants and Dodgers going down to the wire in September. Like it should be.

  2. Dennis Mar Says:

    We are driving back from Culver, Oregon where we viewed the awesome total eclipse of the sun. We heard on the radio that Trump will be addressing the nation tonight ostensibly about Afghanistan. During a single day, we could be going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  3. TC in BC Says:

    Donald looking up at The Eclipse today without protective glasses confirms that it was “Fake News”.

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