The real skinny

Lamar Odom has written about his drug struggles & nearly dying for Players’ Tribune. Title summed-up in four words? – Don’t date a Kardashian.

After seeing the CTC study, Ravens OL & MIT doctoral student, John Urschel, 26, abruptly retired. Guess this time it is rocket science.

Forty-three years ago today House Judiciary Committee recommended  Richard Nixon be impeached. Just saying. ?

Remember those days when journalists were gleefully speculating about all the discord in Obama White House?

Those of us who are parents of adult children thought we were over the days of waking up at 3am to watch a baby crying. @realDonaldTrump

Have to wonder with the Scaramucci Priebus circus if Sean Spicer isn’t sitting on his couch watching TV and smiling.

Another example of why you read rules before accepting job; “The financial disclosure form, which is publicly available upon request…” #Scaramucci

Senate GOP will vote on a bill tonight that they are writing today. Who knew healthcare could be so uncomplicated? #WTF


If you’re young attractive-in-a-smarmy-way Italian-American comic struggling to make ends meet, Saturday Night Live has a job for you. #Scaramucci

McConnell reportedly trying to assure GOP in Senate “skinny repeal” will not become law. Uh, easiest way to assure that – don’t vote for it.


Because we all sign big money contracts every day where the terms are spelled out as “We’ll get back to you.” #WTF #FreedomBill


Another WTF moment. The case that the Trump is using to overturn protections for the LGBT community is an incident involving a sky diving instructor who, to make her feel more comfortable, told a woman he would be strapped to on a tandem dive that he was gay, The woman’s husband complained and got him fired. Uh, wouldn’t a jealous jerk be HAPPIER with a gay instructor?
Or was he worried the guy would turn his wife into a lesbian?

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4 Comments on “The real skinny”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    “Forty-three years ago” should be Nixon unless there is a subtle reference I’m not catching.

  2. too much birthday wine. Fixed. 😉

  3. tc in bc Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!!

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