Tweet stormed

If someone is willing to put their life on line to protect this country, I don’t f*cking care what bathroom they use. That is all.

Pretty sure that if you talked to generals lot of them would say transgender people cause a lot less disruption in military than Trump.

Has Trump decided he really hates transgender people? Or is ban just collateral damage to distract from Trumpcare bill?.


Wonder who has more regrets about now – Caitlyn Jenner or Jeff Sessions?


Reading about how many millions are spent on Viagra – pretty clear we should think about restricting heterosexuals in the military.

Among senators disagreeing with Trump on transgender people is Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa. What do you expect from a liberal woman who knows nothing about the military. Oh, wait… never mind

For all the doom and gloom and retail closings See’s Candies is actually opening over 200 stores.   Because internet is powerful but nothing beats good chocolate with free samples.

Lyft and Taco Bell have deal where riders can request a fast foot stop on their ride. Pilot program starts in LA Shouldn’t it be Denver?

#Pac12 will shorten halftime at football games from 20 to 15 minutes. All part of conference grand plan to get games under 4 hours?

A woman apparently died after a “domestic dispute” on a Seattle to Alaska cruise. The Emerald Princess docked in Juneau, passengers were required to stay on board, and the ship had to cancel a Tracy Arm Flord scenic cruise. Not sure what the suspect will be charged with, but for the amount of money people pay for a July Alaska cruise guessing a poll of passengers would say death penalty for missing the fjord.

Trump wants to make healthcare industry more like..airline industry?  Think we’ve finally found magic bullet for bipartisan opposition to Trumpcare   #WTF?


Falcons WR Julio Jones has hired a dive team in a so far unsuccessful effort to find a $100,000 plus diamond earring he lost in a lake while jet-skiing. Uh, here’s a suggestion, next time spend a lot less money and hire someone to watch your stuff while you’re in the water. (Or leave the bling home


The stands at Levi’s Stadium late into the match tonight were just like a 49ers game. But with people.

Well, fans at Levi’s Stadium got to see the home team win at least once in 2017.


Wonder how many people cheering the US victory in the Gold Cup 2017 could actually explain what the Gold Cup is? USA USA USA!

Sean Spicer is apparently being courted by Dancing With The Stars. #DWTS. Makes sense, he had 6 months experience Dancing With The Truth.

8,000 people attended Trump’s rally last night in Ohio. 8,000?! There are more people in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Browns down by 3 touchdowns.

Ivanka is the latest Trump to hire counsel over Russia probe. If you’re a GOP lawyer in DC without work you might need to consider new profession.

So #Cocacola is using the cover of outrage over healthcare & Trump’s transgender ban to reformulate #CokeZero? It’s an outrage.

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3 Comments on “Tweet stormed”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    DJ also forgot to ban recruits with “bone spurs” in their feet from serving in the military?!?!?!

  2. Maybe #Pac12 shortening halftimes to limit the Stanford Band from doing something embarrassing on the field?

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