The best of lies, the worst of lies.

Wonder how many, especially on the West Coast,  who saw Speith’s three shot lead after the third round at the British Open, (aka #TheOpen)  slept in, saw his eventual win by 3, & figured, “didn’t miss much?”

Jordan Spieth on the back nine Sunday made sure that Trump’s tweetstorm yesterday no longer the craziest hour of the weekend.


Kershaw and Strasburg both left games after 2 innings w/ apparent injuries.  Longshot World Series bets on Astros looking better & better.

Will miss Eduardo Nunez when he is almost certainly traded by SFGiants. Won’t miss the brain cramps on the bases.

(today’s effort,  for the mercifully uninitiated, getting thrown out at third base with two outs after a Belt fly ball was dropped for an error in the outfield.)

Jerry Jones, who has always backed Ezekiel Elliott, says there is “absolutely nothing” in the police report on the Cowboys star RB that shows domestic violence.
And who would ever doubt Jones on the subject of his players’ behavior?

Jamaica upset Mexico 1-0 to advance into Gold Cup final against USA Wed. night. Shocking many sports fans – “Jamaica has a soccer team?”

Remember those innocent days when worst embarrassment we could imagine a US president getting into with his phone was Bill Clinton sexting?

Trump continues to tweet his ire on “witch hunts.”   Is he trying to drown out chants coming from his White House –  Double, double toil & trouble…

Kellyanne Conway on Trump & voter fraud, wiretaps, etc. “He doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues.” She had me at “he doesn’t think.”

At the end of a long interview, Anthony Scaramucci said there’s only one thing he’s asking of now Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders. “Sarah, if you’re watching I love the hair and makeup person that we had on Friday, so I’d like to continue to use the hair and makeup person.”
Anyone still doubting why Mooch became a Trump favorite?

Just wondered, as far as Republicans who were “carried over the line on my back,” would Trump like to name them? Even one?


Trump has announced he will stay at his Bedminster, NJ golf course Aug 3-20th. While little GOP people have to stay in DC & fix healthcare.

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2 Comments on “The best of lies, the worst of lies.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    So this “Mooch” guy turns out to be an expert on ‘makeup’. Does he know anything about putting lipstick on pigs????

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