Children and other living things.

In Mississippi, Jaheim Oatis, who is 6’4″, 286-lbs, and going into 8th grade, has received scholarship offers from Alabama, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.
Of course, this is Mississippi. We know his grade, but not how old he is.

Clayton Kershaw will be out 4-6 weeks with a back injury. Maybe during that time the SF Giants can climb to only 25 games back?

SF Giants have come up with so many interesting ways to lose games it defies description. But many of them seem to come from the Ruben Rivera school of baserunning.

(for the mercifully uninitiated, who are still curious

At this point wouldn’t it be simpler to list the  2017 Dallas Cowboys who haven’t been arrested?


Noted on website when purchasing Economy Plus (extra legroom) seats. “United reserves the right to remove passengers from economy plus seats for any reason.” They do say a refund will be automatically processed if this happens.
Scratch another airline off Ann Coulter’s list.

A Delta flight was delayed today after a pilot and flight attendant got into a major argument, culminating in the pilot reportedly calling her “a piece of sh*t.”
This would never have happened with United, they’d have charged passengers an entertainment charge.

Trump & GOP screaming conspiracy on Russia allegations- uh, if Dems could work this elaborate a scheme against President, they’d have been smart enough to win.

Jared Kushner -didn’t read email chain, late to meeting he didn’t know what was about, left early… Glad Mid-East diplomacy isn’t so complicated.

That moment when you realize Jeff Sessions isn’t crazy enough for Donald Trump….

In fairness to #BoyScouts cheering today, maybe for merit badge in “Disabilities Awareness” they must visit a seriously mentally ill person.

If any other 71 yr-old man gave speech like Trump is giving to #BoyScouts his children would have him immediately taken in for observation.

I’m just trying to imagine GOP reaction if President Hillary Clinton had given a speech like today’s to the Girl Scouts?

So that part of the Boy Scout oath “To help other people at all times..” doesn’t include “helping them stay alive with healthcare?” #WTF?

What could possibly be so big Trump would make himself a laughing stock in front of #BoyScouts for distraction. I don’t know…. healthcare?

Or maybe the plan is for Trump to fire Sessions and appoint Jared as AG so he can pardon everyone?


Trump may become 1st President in 168 years without a pet.  Not sure about dogs, but has anyone ever met ANY cat who would put up with him?

Trump in a  pre-Boy Scout speech today “For the past 17 years, Obamacare has wreaked havoc…” It’s all part of his plan to blame Hillary & Obama for 9-11?’

Happy #NationalTequilaDay. But really, since Trump’s inaugural, for many Americans hasn’t EVERY day been National Tequila Day?

More than 7,000 US Catholic nuns have signed an anti-Trumpcare letter to Senators – “The BCRA would be the most harmful legislation for American families in our lifetimes, and it goes against our Catholic faith teaching. To cut Medicaid and take healthcare from millions of people is not a pro-life stance.”
But hey, what do nuns know about being pro-life?

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2 Comments on “Children and other living things.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Most likely won’t occur, but can you imagine DJ addressing a Girl Guides Jamboree? Guessing Tic Tacs would be involved.

    • This is the oath I remember….” I promise, on my honour, to do my best: To do my duty to God, the Queen, and my country,
      To help other people at all times,
      And to obey the Guide Law.”
      Almost the Boy Scout law…..

      Just don’t see the Donald with that. 🙂

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