As the crow pies


Tim Flannery on SF Giants postgame about Pablo Sandoval “There are two kinds of players in baseball. Those who are humble and those who will become humbled.

On other hand, SF Giants  are undefeated in the 2nd Pablo Sandoval era.

In Fresno, a Starbucks customer, 58, saved the day by fighting with a 30 year old would-be-robber and stabbing him with his own knife. A grateful Starbucks thought of offering the hero coffee for life but figured a $1 million reward would be cheaper.

RIP John Heard.   Beginning to think there is no such thing EVER as minor back surgery.

Remember when cartoonish on Saturday morning referred to animated shows for kids, not the President of the United States’ tweets?

Bestherbs Coffee LLC has issued a voluntary recall for their New Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee, after the FDA confirmed it contains demethyl carbodenafil, a ingredient similar to Viagra. Customers can return bags for a refund. Or sell them for triple the price on Ebay.

One of those Saturday night’s after a week where we really wish didn’t take summer hiatus.

New WH communications director Scaramucci deleting past anti-Trump tweets for  “full transparency.”  To quote Inigo Montoya “I don’t think that means what you think it means.


The GOP and Dems announced agreement Saturday on a Russia sanctions package over US election meddling and Ukraine/Syria meddling. So how long until Trump tries to outlaw Congress?

Actually seriously wonder, does Trump realize “pardon”  as in “complete power to pardon” means he would be pardoning people convicted of crimes?

Kelli Ward, who ran against McCain in the GOP primary this year, and may run against Senator Jeff Flake in next year’s primary, with Trump support, is a medical doctor.

She now says McCain should step down after his cancer diagnosis, and of course she’s happy to be appointed to his seat.

And we thought Ben Carson was hurting the image of doctors in this country.

-t Ohio GOP state dinner, VP Pence on Gov. Kasich
“John and I occasionally have differences of opinion There’s one thing we can all agree on. Ohio is a great state, and John Kasich has done a great job as governor of the state of Ohio.”
Translation, when Kasich primaries Trump in 2020, Pence hopes he’ll consider keeping him somehow on board.

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