Cutting edge

Pro Football Hall of Fame  says that O.J. Simpson’s standing invitation to Canton ceremonies still on.   Asked if he will attend wonder if the Juice responded  “I’ll take a stab at it?”

Ole Miss lost a commitment from a top CB prospect today after football coach Hugh Freeze resigned. Did the kid back out because he thinks the program will be in shambles? Or because he’s not getting his promised “entertainment?”

SF Giants had #GameOfThrones night at AT&T Park. Well, with team on pace to lose 100 games not bad idea to remind fans “Winter is coming.”

Kyrie Irving reportedly has only 4 teams he wants to be traded to & 1 of them is #Knicks. Has anyone checked Irving for concussions? #Cavs

Wizards & John Wall have agreed to 4-year, $170 million extension.  With that much money involved and given current Washington situation are we sure Russia isn’t in on deal?

Trump will ban US citizens from traveling to North Korea. Uh, oh, did anyone tell Dennis Rodman?

Got to admit there’s a certain symmetry in applying for 70 foreign worker visas at Mar-a-Lago while tweeting about #MadeInAmericaWeek


Okay, how do we start a petition to get @NBCSNL to invite #SeanSpicerhimself to appear on the fall season opener?

Last week several packages of frozen pork fell from the sky and landed on and next to a Florida house. Seriously. Did Spicer privately say he’d resign only when pigs fly?

So guess the answer to “how low can you go?” in Sean Spicer’s case turns out to be Anthony Scaramucci.

Very confused, when is Trump going to hire Galileo and Bismillah? #Scaramucci

At Trump White House folks are going to have to take numbers and get in lines for their exit interviews.

For all those tired of “Trump Insult Bingo” maybe we need to start playing “Trump Resignation Bingo.” Thinking about dibs on Reince Priebus

Somewhere @melissamccarthy is thinking “Damn, now I have to work on my Sarah Huckabee Sanders imitation.”

Chris Christie signed a bill to raise the smoking age in New Jersey to 21. “My mother died from the effects of smoking, and no one should lose their life due to any addictive substance.”
So where’s Christie’s effort to regulate fast food?

Lyft is opening a Palo Alto office to develop self-driving cars. Makes some sense, on top of everything else the city is a great place to teach cars how to avoid pedestrians and bicyclists with death wishes.


Trump to Time Magazine “I’m so stable you wouldn’t believe it.” Well, he’s half right.

#JaredKushner “inadvertently omitted” 70+ assets worth over $10 million in disclosure reports. But hey, I’m sure that the IRS would be OK with most of us if we did that.


With the $10 million plus in assets Kushner “inadvertently omitted,” was simply channeling Steve Martin -“I forgot? @nbcsnl

Flipping through a list of healthcare items possibly allowed with with Flexible Spending Accounts- condoms and Viagra are covered, tampons are not. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

GOP knows one of their best Senators only has a chance to survive a terrible cancer because he has great insurance….and they’re still voting to strip others. #noshame


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