Loose juice

Whatever anyone says, if OJ Simpson could still run a sub 4.5 40 yard dash, NFL teams would be lining up to offer him a tryout.

Wonder if Trump thinking of firing Mueller & putting #OJSimpson in as Special Counsel? The Juice does have criminal justice experience.

Maybe Trump can hire OJ Simpson to look for the real hackers.

How long until @realDonaldTrump trashes #OJSimpson for stealing his headlines?

#OJSimpson says he’s had “basically a conflict-free life.” Other than that one evening, Lizzie Borden had basically a great relationship w/ her parents.

Ah for the days that the #OJSimpsonParole would have been the craziest and most controversial story of the week.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze out after he was caught calling an escort service on a UNIVERSITY phone. Terminated for morals or stupidity?


The phone call that got Mississippi football coach Hugh Freeze terminated lasted “about a minute” but has been described that it “would be highly embarrassing for all of you and extremely difficult to explain.”
In one minute? That’s impressive. So what the heck did he say? And who did he say it to?

First Jason Schmidt, then Brian Wilson, now Sergio Romo.  Los Angeles DFA’ed Roma today.   Haven’t @Dodgers learned not to sign old @SFGiants pitchers yet?

Panthers released Michael Oher today. Was he blindsided by the news?

Next week, rookie Dallas RB Jourdan Lewis will be tried for a charge of domestic violence. At this point it would be simpler if the first page of the Cowboys’ playbook features the Miranda warning.

Probably never occurred to @realDonaldTrump that Macron “loves holding” Trump’s hand because it keeps that hand away from Brigitte.

#Exxon fined $2 million for violating Russia sanctions under Tillerson. Wow, that’s about .05% of 2017 1st QUARTER $4 billion profit.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she was “not sure” if Trump regretted insulting Sen. John McCain last year for having been captured.
You start seeing why the White House doesn’t want cameras at press briefings. Not sure if it would have been worse to see Sanders struggle to keep a straight face, or to see if saying that didn’t bother her at all.

Many in GOP seem to think @SenJohnMcCain will return to Senate to vote to repeal Obamacare. But what if he comes back with change of heart?

Another White House resignation – outside legal spokesman Mark Corallo. Has someone told Trump recycling jobs not same as creating them?

Give @realDonaldTrump, who else could make Jeff Sessions even a SLIGHTLY sympathetic figure?


From T.C.   “China has banned Disney character Winnie the Pooh due to comparisons made to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Look for America to follow suit, when the White House will ban the Disney character Pinocchio.”

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