Changing places.

When they start adding sponsorship patches to NBA uniforms next year perhaps they could leave room for “Hi, my name is” badges?”

All the talk about Kevin Durant’s sacrifice in signing for only 2 years $53 million. How will he feed his family?

Joey Chestnutt won the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest again.   So at least all Americans can agree on our absolute supremacy in gluttony.    #smallmercies

Well, guess the SF Giants aren’t going to go on an 80 plus game winning streak to end the season.

Is it too late to bring the British monarchy back? Asking for at least half of the 50 states.

Wonder how many Americans celebrated the Fourth holiday, by using fireworks to end up with one hand with four fingers.

North Korea apparently fired an Intercontinental Ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska.  So when is Trump going to appoint Sarah Palin to a defense position to keep an eye on them?

Actually Trump’s response, on Twitter of course   “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?”

Of course, many people in the world are asking that same “Does this guy…” question about @realdonaldTrump and his tweets.


Tesla has introduced their new $35,000 “car for the masses.”  The perfect starter vehicle for parents who start their children with a little million dollar loan?


Chris Christie called the pictures of him on the beach with his family “gotcha journalism.”  Of course, wouldn’t you think anyone as experienced as Christie with both journalism and prosecution would know better than to give people any fodder for “gotcha?”

All these calls to invoke the with Trump may push him further to proving the point.

Liberals and conservatives condemned angry rhetoric after Virginia shootings. Waiting for GOP to condemn Trump’s violent anti-media tweet

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2 Comments on “Changing places.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Hope all our friends celebrating the 4th of July had a great day!!!!

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Can’t remember where I saw this today… “Trump not interested in governing, he wants to rule!”.

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