Here come the Judge

How bad do the Yankees have to get as a team before haters can just start enjoying watching Aaron Judge? Asking for a friend.

Aaron Judge appears to be real deal. And Yankees pitchers giving up so many runs on regular basis means he’ll keep getting fastballs.

Dallas LB Damien Wilson arrested for allegedly threatening a man with a gun and backing his truck into a woman – two counts of aggravated assault – during a 4th of July celebration.   Well, training camps have not really opened yet and already the Cowboys are in midseason form.


Something we learned this month – Trump voters are about as familiar with the Declaration of Independence as they are with Julius Caesar.

Poland has promised @realDonaldTrump cheering crowds when he visits – the government will bus in supporters. Trump wants how-to tips

GOP senators largely avoided 4th of July events over potential Trumpcare protests.
So – aren’t they supposed to be proud of bill?

The Tour de France is in full swing, or rather ride, right now. In the USA the average reaction “Has Lance Armstrong been reinstated yet?”

US car sales have fallen for six straight months. Somehow I missed the @realDonaldTrump tweet taking credit.

You’d think the guy who could take care of ISIS in 30 days could would find North Korea easy by comparison.

44 states are rejecting requests by the new Voter Fraud Commission to turn over sensitive personal information on voters to the Feds.  Hmm, can we expect a new electoral college map to include only the six states that will comply.

Trump is cheerfully posting an image of him taking out a journalist, Christie is proudly lounging on a beach he closed. Is it any wonder that the top movie in the US is “Despicable Me 3?

Not saying 25th amendment is the right solution… but if Hillary had been elected and was posting angry disjointed tweets at 3am, wonder what Mitch McConnell’s response would be…

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