Happy Fourth of July

And this year, have to wonder, are the British as happy to celebrate the USA being on our own, as Americans are to be independent?

Remember those halcyon days when the most embarrassing thing a US President could do was get a blow job from an intern?

Jamie Horowitz, president of national networks for Fox Sports, has been fired. Rumors are sexual harassment. So when will he accept job with the Trump administration?

According to a person briefed on the matter, the ouster came amid an investigation into sexual harassment.

The #Yankees have lost 14 of 19th games. Who do they think they are, the 2017 #SFGiants?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed out of his last NASCAR race before retirement. Shame, nice if he could’ve taken a last lap with left blinker on.

Chris Christie spent some of Sunday afternoon on one of the NJ Jersey beaches he had ordered closed with the budget impasse. It would of course be tacky to make beached whale jokes.

#ChrisChristie had 11% approval ratings BEFORE he decided to enjoy the day with his family on a beach he’d closed. Shooting for new record?

Carpe diem. At least 18 died after a German tour bus crashed into a truck on a Bavarian highway. Sad, but a reminder that we have more to fear from bad luck, and perhaps stupidity, than terrorism.


So really, Trump wouldn’t dare make a “bleeding” reference to Angela Merkel when she p*sses him off this week, would he?

Trump & Putin will meet face to face at this week’s #G20. Does that mean they’ll forego their nightly bedtime chats?



Among those protesting calling for @realDonaldTrump’s impeachment – how many are Democrats & how many are Pence-preferring Republicans?

A Colorado man was arrested after he fatally shot his adult son who was trying to enter his house, because he thought his son was an intruder.   Nothing to see here, move along.  ‘Murica.

Carmelo Anthony is willing to waiver his no trade clause for Cleveland or Houston. Is that good news for the Cavs and Rockets? Or for the Spurs and Warriors?

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