And the hits just keep on coming?


Not quite looking for a recipe to bake a crow into pastry. But Sam Dyson looks like not a bad pickup at the MLB equivalent of the dollar store.

with their sixth win in a row. Thought it’s hard to call them a juggernaut 18 games under .500.

Astros pitcher David Paulino suspended 80 games for testing positive for a PED. Standby for tainted supplement excuse in 3.2.1…

Apparently a very controversial result last night in boxing last night, although boxing is a sport I care nothing about.  So now I know how many of my friends feel about my political posts.

“Modern Day Presidential.”  So basically Trump is the Presidential equivalent of “New Coke?”

Would everyone who is okay with @realDonaldTrump tweets be okay with their children tweeting the same sort of thing? Scary if answer is yes.

Trump turns Veterans’ event into an assault on the media. He does realize that freedom of speech is one of things vets have fought for?

#JustinTrudeau left out Alberta when he gave a shout out to provinces & territories on Canada Day. Rick Perry -“I’m sure he had 2-3 reasons”

Just wondering, anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many states @realDonaldTrump could remember off the cuff? @JustinTrudeau

Because nothing says attacking “Fake News” like a clip from professional wrestling?”

Would Trump defenders have been happier if  Shakespeare in the Park had Brutus et all bodyslam Julius Caesar?

Another crazy liberal state not supporting our President on the Voter Fraud commission. Wait, what? Mississippi?! “They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi is a great State to launch from. Mississippi residents should celebrate Independence Day and our State’s right to protect the privacy of our citizens by conducting our own electoral processes.”
Delbert Hosemann, Secretary of State. A Republican.

Many Democrats no doubt view themselves as viable candidates for 2020. So here’s a challenge for any of them in the House or Senate – what’s your fix or tweak for Obamacare that’s an alternative to the GOP abominations? Take a chance. Be a leader.

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One Comment on “And the hits just keep on coming?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Too bad they cut the part out where DJ slams a metal chair over Hillary’s head and then tries to “grab” her…..

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