Not-so-free falling.

Will Blake Griffin’s 5 year $173 million contract be the Clippers’ biggest flop of all time?

Blake Griffin signed a 5 year, $173 million contract to stay in Los Angeles, saying “I want my legacy to be a Clipper.”
Translation, Los Angeles visibility and the playoffs without NBA finals pressure?


SF Giants Triple-A prospect Joan Gregorio, who had a 3.04 ERA with the Rivercats, has been suspended for the rest of the year for allegedly using a steroid. Really? The way the Giants are playing, wouldn’t you think this was the year prospects could make the team without help? #cantfixstupid

Texas Supreme Court just ruled same-sex couples have no rights to spousal benefits. Once again, damn I miss Molly Ivins.


Marijuana is now legal in Nevada. And you think you lost track of time in the casino before….

Worst part about new legalized marijuana in Las Vegas?  Hoping prices don’t double at the “all-you-can-eat” buffets.

A number of Red States, including Indiana and Wisconsin, are balking at giving the federal government the data the new Kobach-Pence-Trump voting commission wants.   When Red states say a GOP president is over the line, he’s REALLY over the line.

With all the  issues facing US, good to see Trump focused on important stuff, like name-calling “Crazy Joe Scarborough & dumb as a rock Mika” #WTF?


What happens if this Trump voting commission turns up lots of say, Wisconsin Republicans w/ winter homes in Florida who vote twice?

The Bronx doctor who allegedly shot seven people with an assault rifle before killing himself had been fired two years ago for accusations of sexual harassment. And the NY Daily News reports a coworker said “He promised to come back and kill us then.”
The guy still had no problem getting that gun. If only his coworkers had been armed.

And meanwhile 28 people were injured by gunfire in Little Rock night club. Apparently it started with a dispute between club-goers.  Police say there is no link to terrorism. Translation, average American men with guns. Move along again, nothing to see here.


Happy Canada Day. Of course, with @JustinTrudeau as PM when they look at USA with Trump EVERY day is Happy Canada Day. #Canada150th

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3 Comments on “Not-so-free falling.”

  1. Paul Moertl Says:

    You are not alone – I miss Molly, too.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Happy Canada Day. Of course, with @JustinTrudeau as PM when they look at USA with Trump EVERY day is Happy Canada Day. #Canada150th

    Thx Janice! We are sooooo happy that @JustinTrudeau has not been using his Twitter account to make a TWIT of himself, unlike another national leader! lol

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