Somehow it doesn’t seem quite right to say “Happy Memorial Day.”

Would like all these MLB camouflage hats for Memorial Day Weekend more if they didn’t feel like just another way to sell stuff.

Personally think it’s really cool Takuma Sato won #Indy500. But as he’s Japanese-born hope he brought Lactaid for winners circle. #gotmilk?


Pitchers who kinda sorta rake. Cueto had a sacrifice fly Sunday  for SF Giants. They will take it.

SHN sends email thank you notes to everyone who buys Hamilton tickets after the show and suggests posting on social media about #HamiltonSF to spread the word. Right. Because they’d hate to have lots of empty seats for the rest of the show’s run? #WTF

The long lull between the Western and Eastern conference championships and the NBA finals continues…  Why, this is enough of a break for players to start and finish a relationship with a Kardashian.

People at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom were waiting in line six hours or more to enter the new “Pandora – the World of Avatar” land this morning.  Wonder how long some of these folks would wait in line to vote.

Eight dead in #Mississippi. Not terrorism, just regular American gun violence. Move along, nothing to see here.

From “Ivanka Trump HQ” verified Twitter account  “Make champagne popsicles this

They go so well with all that cake we’re supposed to eat.

 Justin Trudeau posts thoughtful literate tweets in French and English. Ok Canada, that’s just rubbing it in.
Trump tweeting today that the phrase “some sources” means #FakeNews. But of course “many people are saying” is always gospel truth.


Give @realDonaldTrump credit for one thing on his foreign trip – a unified Europe



Trump tweets were so abnormally calm and measured last week, then so “normal” Sunday can only assume someone convinced him Twitter didn’t work in Europe?

John Kelly, the Director of Homeland Security who will make the decision if Americans can continue to take their laptops, iPads and Kindles on international flights without checking them in luggage, also said last month “a border wall is essential” because of “tremendous threats” such as drugs and individuals coming into the US.

Now I feel much safer . #sarcasm

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2 Comments on “Oxymoron?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    They don’t have cabs or Uber in Jupiter FL?

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Somehow it doesn’t seem quite right to say “Happy Memorial Day.”

    It seems that some are celebrating it as a “Happy” day. I just saw a clip of DJ @ Arlington try to sing the anthem – like it was a birthday party… and he didn’t even know the words. Champagne popsicles for all!

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