Striking one?


Whoever thought that the 2017 SF Giants would be the lead story on Sportcenter over a hit?   Especially one by Strickland on Harper?

Giants fans hope it won’t be the biggest hit of the year.

Just thinking that both SF Giants s AND Nationals are glad Madison Bumgarner was on on the  DL & thus not allowed to get on field during that brawl.

Watching Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper after seeing Hamilton makes  you glad the US has outlawed duels.

And of course no one will ever really know what Strickland intended to do with that pitch that hit Harper square on the thigh..   But anyone who has been watching the Giants knows, if  Hunter’s control was THAT good, he’d be the team closer.

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI. ! So he’s even having issues driving off the golf course?


Maybe Tiger Woods’ sponsor  Nike ought to partner with Uber/Lyft with the slogan “Just do it – call a ride.”

And well, at least Tiger Woods wasn’t driving an Indy 500 pace car this weekend.


JFK would have been 100 today, Meaning he would have been almost old enough to run as a Democrat for President in 2020. #JFK100

A newly engaged couple in Canada escaped without serious injury after he proposed in a hot-air balloon, which then crashed into a tree. Well, that’s one way of getting the “for worse” part out of the way early.


Tuning into #TheBachelorette to be reminded of those days when most outrageous regular insanity in US at least seemed to be on reality TV.

And wasn’t it nice when joining a televised competition  “for  the wrong reasons” was only something we worried about for a dating show instead of the presidency?

Rumors are that Trump may overturn President Obama’s loosening of restrictions for travel and tourism to Cuba.  Forget healthcare, has Donald asked his base what they think about giving up Cuban cigars?

Bummer, Frank Deford. 78, has passed away. In the pre-ESPN days when you grew up with just the local paper and Sports Illustrated, his words helped guide many of us off on a lifetime love of sports.

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