The sound of silence?

So if you’re at a play and miss hearing the SF Giants bullpen looking at first like they might blow another game, but the team hangs on…is it still torture?

Still five days away from the start of NBA Finals. But only a month or so away from the start of 2017-18 NBA pre-season.

California Senator Kamala Harris and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown have bet cases of good beer on the Warriors and Cavs for the NBA championship. So will they next bet cases of generic beer on if the 49ers or Browns will end up with next year’s #1 NFL draft pick?

Newark Airport was partially evacuated today after a “suspicious pressure cooker” was found in a shopping bag. It turned out to be harmless. But thinking if you are flying to a wedding and thinking of giving someone a pressure cooker as a present this summer, maybe best to have it shipped

RIP Gregg Allman, 69. Not sure what’s worse for baby-boomers, having had music heroes die young, or having them die from at least somewhat age-related causes.

British Airways canceled all flights Saturday from London after what say is “a major IT system failure.” And United might be quietly smiling – “what a drag.”


What would we give to hear what other world leaders were privately saying about Trump when he went off to give solo troop speech in Italy?

Trump on his foreign trip “We hit a home run.” As SF Giants fans have sadly learned for too much of  2017.  – One or two home runs a week means you are losing, bigly.


In Europe are they now feeling like Americans do when that really obnoxious house guest you really didn’t want is finally gone?


So how long until we find out someone in Trump White House has their own email server too? “If the President does it, it’s not illegal.”

Trump’s am tweet “I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!” So he’ll tell us, “after the break?” #realityshowpresident

Quite a tweet storm Saturday from @realDonaldTrump. But about awful #Portland killings by anti-Muslim extremist – crickets. Why am I not surprised?


If your killer is undocumented you warrant major attention from Trump but not if your killer is white supremacist? #Sad #ReallySad #Portland

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One Comment on “The sound of silence?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Thank God no one was hurt in that horrendous Indy crash today. Both drivers are OK. Of course if something like this happened in Richmond BC, both drivers would say they “honked”!!!

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