Say hey, say neigh

Willie Mays’ birthday on the day day as the Kentucky Derby. Say hey, say neigh.


Congrats to Always Dreaming on winning the Kentucky Derby.  So here we go on the curve of “Almost zero interest in horse racing,” to “minor interest in horse racing until the Preakness” to  “zero interest until next year if he loses”  to major interest in horse racing if he wins until the Belmont.”


At this point #Warriors and #Cavs could coordinate plans for a brief tropical vacation before the @NBA finals.

Warriors fan celebration parties after tonight’s win against #Jazz show us what it might have been like for Lions fans against Christians.

KentuckyDerby -, fastest 2 minutes in sports. Entire race takes about as long as it takes #Dodgers Pedro Baez to throw a pitch.

Friday night, Ducks scored 3 goals on Oilers in last 4 min of NHL playoff game, then won in OT. Did Edmonton at least get sympathy call from Falcons?

Wonder what the record is for different left-fielders on the same team in a single season? Asking for a #SFGiants friend.

SF Giants hope to win last game of 3 game series in Cincinnati Sunday.  Or at least hold Reds to under two touchdowns.


If a horse looked as bad in #KentuckyDerby as #SFGiants look in Cincinnati there would be whispers of the glue factory

So think #StephenColbert really needs to get a Russian Orloff rooster and name him Holster.

A bill in the Texas legislature, would allow both private and STATE-FUNDED adoption agencies to reject Jewish, Muslim, gay, single, or interfaith couples for religious reasons.
Once again, four words “Pro life my ass.”

Ellen Degeneres won’t have Trump on show because “he’s against everything that I stand for.” Someone actually puts principles over ratings?

For all those who defend Trump & everything his family does, one question – would you be ok if it same thing with Obamas or Clintons?

Written on the eve of France’s elections, after a major Wikileaks exposure of purported Macron emails. Wouldn’t it be fun if the French decided to give Wikileaks a big middle finger and give Macron a bigger majority than predicted?



Now social media changes this, but France has a  44-hr legal media news blackout before elections.  So is some  Russian hacker getting fired or worse for not knowing.

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4 Comments on “Say hey, say neigh”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    2 questions around the Kentucky Derby.

    1. After they sang “My Old Kentucky Home”, which is great. Did they sing the “National Anthem”? I did not see that on T.V. (Would it be great to see Mr. Ed sing one or both of them.)

    2. At the end of the day did they put Bob Costas in a giant Tupperware container. I mean think about it. The only time you see him is during major sporting events and he is ageless.

  2. Berney Says:

    Re 1. Harry Connick Jr. sang the national anthem earlier in the program.

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