Vive la France

There were young children still in the stands at Wrigley at 1a for the 18th inning of the Yankees Cubs game. Who says American parents have become soft?


Headlines on new French Pres.#Marcon being 39 & his wife 64. Funny, don’t remember election headlines on US Pres being 70 & his wife, 46.

So has Trump called Macron yet?

Who’s going to break bad news to @realDonaldTrump that Le Pen won’t be able to be bailed out by Electoral College? #frenchelection

Waiting for #SeanSpicer to talk about the great Le Pen victory in France today.

If the US can no longer be the most admired country in the world at least we can be a cautionary example?

Fans in #Nashville are shocked #Predators have made it to @NHL #WesternConferenceFinal The most common reaction “We have a hockey team?

So this is the year the @Cavs were supposed to be vulnerable in the Eastern Conference playoffs? @NBA

#Mets & #SFGiants play three games this week. Series should get really good ratings for fans of trainwrecks.

Right about now #SFGiants would let whole team each have a dozen sex toys in their lockers if they would just start playing better.

The latest from NY, Matt Harvey has been suspended for three days without pay for violating club rules. Who do the Mets think they are, the Knicks? #circusinsearchofatent

Headline “North Korea has detained a US citizen.” The real question, what is a US Citizen not named Dennis Rodman DOING in North Korea?

GOP rep Tom Labrador in a town hall “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.” Time for Republicans to ban town halls.


The lives of women in US killed either accidentally or deliberately by an illegal immigrant are now deemed so much more valuable by the GOP than those killed by lack of healthcare, random shootings, or domestic violence.

Sad. Really.  No joke.

Today Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a “sanctuary city” bill that will prevent cities from passing laws to stop police from questioning detainees’ immigration status. He cited the 2015 death of Kate Steinle, saying if the immigrant who shot her had been deported she would be alive today.
Fair enough, but where is Abbott’s sympathy for all those Americans fatally shot by people who were born right here in the U.S. of A.

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One Comment on “Vive la France”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Former New York Rangers radio announcer Howie Rose on the French election: Macron!, Macron!, Macron!

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